Tuesday, September 6, 2011

craft date creations

I kept my "crafty time promise" & got creative this weekend! 

On Saturday, Mom woke me up at the crack of Noon to begin our craft magic date- we began our date with tasty paninis, green tea's and cupcakes at The Sugar Shack. Yummmm!

We love you Sugar Shack!

and you Chocolate Coconut Cupcake. Love you. 

With tummies full of sweets and brains full of crafty ideas, we headed over to the Buckhead Goodwill. Yes, there is a Goodwill in Buckhead. And it is full of Atlantans on the same re-furbish, DIY, crafty mission. We scored some great items including an ottoman, wreath, frames, a mirror and lamp shades! Wish I had a pic of our cart... 

We also stopped by a fabric store where I feel in love with expensive fabrics. 


So great! 

I ended up deciding between these two. Love them both!!! And they were at a much better price point {thanks mom...}. 

After a couple more stops including a much needed iced chai latte break- we headed to my place to dig into the crafts! 

Decorative DIY Tray:
the inspiration

my version!

pretty simple project. we covered this $2 goodwill cooking pan with fabric using spray adhesive

finished! love it! 

i think it makes a great addition to my mantle :)

Mirror Wall Decor:
my inspiration

my version! 

score! i found this mirror at Goodwill and spray painted it apple/grass green to match the kitchen area! crazy easy

i just LOVE how it turned out!
{i should really get better at taking pictures...and i should probably switch to a real camera and not my iphone...another day}

What a wonderful crafting day! Can't wait to do it again! 
:) amc 


  1. I love the tray you did Amanda! Perfect for your mantle

  2. adorable!!!! i need to do some crafty decorating after we move to our new apartment... thanks for the inspiration :)


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