Wednesday, August 31, 2011

crafty time

Long labor day weekend is coming up- yippee!! I am thinking that I should begin tackling my massive "crafty time" pinterest board of DIY projects. :) If that makes me a dork, then so be it. Growing up with a mom like mine means I have always had my hands in paint, ric rac ribbon, modge podge, scrapbook paper, canvases and spray paint. I am so wild and crazy, right. ha

What to do this weekend...
its a cookie sheet! 

lace and modge podge- not too shabby

if i pull this one off- it could get addictive. and will probably show up in the form of your christmas gift. #obsessedalert

i already have this tray/dish! i love the added color 
{is that a kid in the background??}

painted happy mason jars

too simple and so chic!

way cute. endless possibilities! i am getting giddy!!!

could be cute on the mantle! man, i need to go goodwill hunting asap

love this idea! especially since i switch up pictures so often and i love to show off the cards mom & josh send me :) 

Lofty craft goal for one weekend huh? Maybe I will just go to downtown Atlanta and watch the scary people at Dragoncon... uhhh. 

come craft with me! :) amc

{more details on all of the crafts are on my pinterest "crafty time" board}

falling for...

I have a love-hate relationship with Piperlime. It is my all time favorite fashion shopping website, they carry the best lines, have the best selection, great range of price points, offer style tips, have fabulous customer service anddd I get to use my credit card reward dollars towards their shop! That is where the hate portion of our relationship comes in... I hate that I can't stop visiting their website, opening their emails, reading all of their tweets and being so deeply tempted by all of their fabulous fashion goodies. Lord help my bank account. 

Today their email is a preview of Fall's top 11 trends. Yes please! 

My fall wish list is HUUUUUUGE HUGE! But here are a couple of things that, today, I am falling for {get fall? I'm a dork}...

cigarette trousers- look so chic with flats and heels.
{zara- online shopping site goes live this month! yahoo!} 

oh how I love this necklace! J Crew is my new place for jewelry- and this piece would go with so much! 

basic cozy sweater tops that will surely be dressed up with wonderful accessories

or paired with great colorful skirts like this! i love the new length for this season- especially great for the crazy bi-polar weather of Atlanta

i picked up this bag last week at Bloomingdale's on a great sale while I was at the Kate Spade Westward event. I love its structure, pockets, color, quality and it zips! Will be great for fall with boots of the same color. 

or with cutie pie leopard flats! i know everyone and their mother will have some version of these this fall, but i don't care. i need a pair! i am still on the search for that perfect version though.
{Zara Thank you to my friend Missy for finding these!- check out her blog here}

i have been dreaming for this bracelet for months now. it's about time i snatched it up i think

lastly, everyone needs that go-to sweater that they live in. this one just might be it for me! love the versatile colors and the stripes. i think it will be great to cozy up in around the fire pit and at evening football games. 
{j crew

looking forward to fall! my favorite season of the year
:) amc 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

poppy king kisses

From J Crew: The search for the perfect shade is over—lipstick guru Poppy King created this covetable coral color just for us, and it may just be the last lipstick you ever buy. Understated and polished yet decidedly glamorous, it's exactly what we look for in a lip color. King's creation is the product of 20 years spent obsessively perfecting textures, finishes and colors.

You can't tell me that you don't absolutely covet that lip color! {and her rings...and sunglasses...}

pretty snazzy!

even looks great standing alone, who needs blush and mascara now?! {umm...}

all ready to go! 

decision made. i need this tube of lip color perfection. 

poppy king kisses for everyone! {not really..}
:) amc 

being silly, honest and kind

It's only Tuesday?! What a long week already. Busy week too! Lots of plans with friends and family {yay! so thankful!} and lots to do at work. And sadly, Friday is my last day with World's Best Event Coordinator, Tess. I couldn't be more sad to see her leave our team, but also I couldn't be more happy to send her off to start the best chapter of her life- she is getting married!!! Hopes & Dreams! :) 

I love this and it reminds me of my life and the people in it. I am blessed to be surrounded by honest and kind people and we love being silly! I wish more people were this way...
Today just needed some pretty happy colors in it :)

I wish you the best of luck Tess! I will miss you terribly as a co-worker and friend. You are amazing and will do GREAT things in life! Love! Love! Love! #bydesign {you better keep up your blog!!! haha and stay in touch of course}

:) amc

Monday, August 29, 2011

our kind of love

 Songs have been very powerful for me lately. I have created a little mix on my new fangled iphone machine of songs that lift me up, make me dance and keep me smiling. And trust me when I say that it plays on repeat all the time.

Lady Antebellum's "Our Kind of Love" has been a love song favorite of mine since I first heard it while riding in Josh's truck last summer. 
He doesn't know it, but I deemed it "our song" right then and there. 

 {that wonderful boy and i on our most recent braves game date}

Here are the sweet lyrics to the song and some gorgeous necklaces from my new favorite jewelry line Loren Hope Designs {an Atlanta Apparel discovery- #jobperk}
"Our Kind of Love" Lady Antebellum
Here we go! 

You wear your smile like a summer sky
Just shining down on me and you
I swear your heart is a free bird
On a lazy Sunday afternoon
I love the way you were up for anything
Never worried 'bout what people say
That's right, oh that's right

Just like driving on an open highway
Never knowing what we're gonna find
Just like two kids, baby, always trying to live it up
Whoa, yeah, that's our kind of love
Mm that's our kind of love
Skipping rocks and leaving footprints
Down along the riverbank
Always holding hands, never making plans
 Just living in the moment, babe
You get me laughing with those funny faces
You somehow always know just what to say
That's right, oh that's right

Just like driving on an open highway
Never knowing what we're gonna find
Just like two kids, baby, always trying to live it up
Whoa, yeah, that's our kind of love
That's our kind of love

:) amc

Friday, August 26, 2011

going westward. to kate spade land!

@katespadeny kate spade new york 
in the atlanta area? join deborah lloyd & @emilyandmeritt at our lenox shop this evening from 5-8.

When I saw this little tweet roll through my twitter feed, it didn't take but 2 minutes for me to reschedule my evening plans so that I could attend this! Kate Spade's new Westward Collection is so great for fall, the designers Emily & Meritt have been doing so many press events and promotions for it on twitter and it has been so much fun to watch {"watch" on my twitter feed that is...}. 

Some pics from last nights Atlanta Kate Spade event:

i spy great glittery bags!

fantastic glittery heels. a show stopper

the beautiful back wall of the Kate Spade collection at Bloomingdales

they served these cute little lemonades with striped straws {of course!} to sip on

ohh to be a Kate Spade mannequin. :)

best of all!.... my friend Morgan and I got to MEET Emily, Meritt and DEBORAH LLOYD!

 Deborah is Kate Spade's creative director and the "Deborah" behind the Deborah Loves emails and portions of the Kate Spade website. This girl has STYLE! They were all super sweet and commended our sweet South for being charming, hospitable, super nice and dressed in bright colors! :)  Gotta love that! 

What an opportunity! It is a DREAM for me to hire Deborah to speak at one of my events. A dream! 
:) amc 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

everything in gold

Today is "announce your issues and obsessions on your blog day." It's national. And official. Google it. {actually...don't.}

My next issue is that I LOVE gold! Silver just doesn't cut it for me anymore, I want everything plated in gold, sprinkled with gold, dumped in gold, painted in gold and any other way you can cover anything in gold! And make it glittery and I am just over the moon! 

 i have always loved painted stripes in the dining room and this version in shiny gold is so elegant and gorgeous. i really hope to copy this one day

gold poufs!

gold coasters made by my crafty friend Emily. check out the how-to on her blog

how about a gold cake?! haha- i like it though! 

of course some gold jewelry!!! i really want that big chain bracelet she has. really bad!

how about a wonderful gold clutch by kate spade? 

and matching shoes? yes! 

and some gold apparel, i would totally wear both pieces all of the time! 

another great gold clutch! hint hint.... i mean, it has a bow too!!!

and a sweet gold thank you note {with stripes!}

have a golden day
:) amc