Tuesday, July 31, 2012

just hi

Happy NEW Week! 

It's a busy one- but I hope you are enjoying it! 

{pretty picture that I can't take credit for...}

:) amc

Friday, July 27, 2012

corners & cans

What to do with a can of gray paint and patience of a goldfish? Paint everything in sight! 

My once plain black side table is now rusticy gray and wonderfully wonderful! {it's friday...} 

I dry painted the gray paint on- took all of 10 minutes- and I SERIOUSLY love the outcome! 

Topped it with a fabric covered tray, stack of decorating/entertaining books and filled the bottom with a burlap basket stuffed with bridal magazines. 
Plus! Did you notice the cool corner hardware we added to the table?! I think it really "finishes" the table.

We also added them to our white coffee tables. LOOOOVE! 

it's the little things
:) amc

i made it myself: chevron rug

After seeing graphic print rugs all over for the past couple of months, I was dying to have my own. However, I wasn't dying to shell out $300 for it {hello! that could be a Tory bag!}...so I made it myself! 

the finished project! 
{actually it is due for some touch ups....but other projects have since taken precedence. I have no crafty patience}

The start to finish: 
That wasn't too helpful...

Try this sequence: 

First we made a template out of a cardboard box. This was very tricky! The chevron is 6" thick and about 20" long on each side. Josh...correct me if I am wrong there. 

Then we dove into the blue tape process. Whew it was a process!

Now to the COLOR! We chose a medium shade of grey to compliment our "industrial chic" style living room. We bought the smallest can of latex paint available and used about half of it {which means I have been finding ways to use the rest of it! pics coming soon}

You really have to slop that paint on there and dig it into all of the little spaces. 

It took about 60 minutes to paint the whole thing. My shoulders hurt. My arms were tired. 

The little mistakes didn't bother me. I was proud of my work and ready to call it "complete!"

And that's what I did. The tables and baskets {and mason....} are back on the rug. 

And we think it looks splendid!!! 

A rug well done. 
:) amc

if you want actual instructions on how to do it yourself- let me know! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

thanks in a bucket

Though I could never do enough to say "thank you" to the hostesses of my bridal shower- I gave it my best effort with these pails of thanks! 

I started with some printed pails from IKEA. I hated the print, but loved the price and the size, so they came home and got a coat of gray paint and fun chevron label {made by me using Word! Easy!}. Coat in Modge Podge and the pails were ready to be filled with goodies! 

For my bridesmaids, I filled their pail with a drybar gift certificate, drybar menu and matching Twistbands. They will surely have the most stylish hair on the block! 

Their lovely mothers got a pail with precious dishtowels, loose passion fruit black tea and a tea diffuser. It is my hope that they enjoy some relaxing times with this fragrant and tasty tea! 

Passion Fruit Black Tea from the Dekalb Farmers Market + custom diy labels + small glass container. 
Ta da! 

I love gift giving! 
:) amc

my perfect bridal shower

This past Saturday some of my best friends & bridesmaids hosted my bridal shower! 

It was such a blessing to be surrounded by so many wonderful women that have had such a positive impact on my life. 

The lovely hosts around the food table- note that awesome centerpiece full of cookware things! 

The Pinterest queen, Jennifer, also made me a herb garden! I am working hard to keep these babies alive and thrilled at the idea of having my own herbs! Thank you Jenn! You're the craftiest girl I know! 

Some of my lovely & perfect friends that came! 

Miss Carrie- party host extraordinaire! 

The famous mini-cupcakes that are now a shower tradition. Yummmm

Fun opening gifts! 

Lyds {maid of honor!} showing me my NEW MONOGRAM on my new apron! 

Love and many many many thanks to the best bridesmaids a bride could have! 

You best believe I went home that night and wore all of my new aprons! 

bridal bliss
:) amc

the preperation continues... :)

mini decor/crafty-time run to IKEA! 

the ultimate spot for well-priced, simple designs that lend themselves to a bajillion wedding/event uses! 

love to the sweeds
:) amc 

lust of the day: workout capris

Currently lusting over these...

{in black...NOT grey}
I saw them in the store over the weekend and they look as perfect as can be!

I also love the look of the Body Language Scrunchy Capri which got super popular thanks to the newly teeny tiny Miley Cyrus. The foldover band is so cute and looks amazingly comfortable. 

But!!! What to do if your budget says you shouldn't spend $80 on workout capris? Which for real, I NEED! I only have 4 pairs and they are getting worn & worn-out fast! {Flywheel Baby!!!}

Budget workout gear... eek? or yay!

Priced at $35 {and they always have sales} these Under Armour capris look tough as nails but still cute! 

If you know how to shop- turn to GapFit {with your coupons & discount codes}. But buyer beware- check the materials and steer clear of their cotton {major sweat soaker, yuck}. 

Still priced a tad too high? Look to the low-budget options like this Old Navy pair. Surprisingly not made with cotton and priced around $20! 

Leave the investment state of mind to someone else and snag this cheapy pair from Forever21! Believe it or not they have a full line of workout gear priced insanely low. 

decisions, decisions, decisions...
:) amc

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

july 2012 market

Another July market has come and gone...and yet again, I have survived! 

Some of the action: 

Gorgeous showrooms filled to the brim with beautiful inspiration. 

Enough perfect products to fill anyone's shopping cart and break everyone's bank

I love these, let me count the ways

Some of our events included Chef Curtis Stone, the chefs from Local 3, Virginia Willis, Laurie Hickson-Smith, Jillian Harris, Kerry Howard and so many more! 

Like Daphne Oz! 

and dozens of delicious Sublime donuts! 

Cake now has a showroom! 

I love their pretty paper entertaining designs. So crafty those cake peeps. 

I wish I had done more photo snapping- everywhere I looked I saw brilliant designs in apparel, accessories, rugs, home decor, gifts and entertaining products. 

market. i'm tired. 
:) amc

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

kitchen crafting

Today I am wishing I was at home crafting in my kitchen and hosting dinner parties. I am surrounded by too much inspiration to sit still! 

Great gift! But also great for your own table
{French Laundry}

Perfect for a detail oriented picnic. 

Gold + Twine....what a lovely combination 
I think this pedestal would be perfect for cake ;)
You know I die for anything that DwellStudio designs. 
Little cocktail napkins included. 

not enough hours in the day....
:) amc