Monday, April 30, 2012


Because I know that deep down, you really do care what I did this weekend ;)

Tasty Eat Clean meals all week!!! Bought wild salmon for the first time- it actually has a different taste and texture. Has anyone else tried it? 

JAMM fam now will have clean carpets! We bought a SHARK vacuum. So very exciting! #IMustBeGettingOld

That fun new outfit made it's debut. I just love the colors! 

Tess' Wedding!!! The work girls and I traveled to the great city of Dalton for their social event of the season! :) 

with the beautiful bride and groom

My dress. If there is anywhere that you can wear a tutu, it is to the lovely Miss Tess' wedding. 

Super cute details 

The girls! 

Sunday Funday "Let's Paint Everything White" Day:

Silver sucks


OOOH la la! So much better! 
Will post pic of them completed soon

Check out this steal! $35 Goodwill dresser. Solid wood and in great condition

It got the white treatment! This is still a WIP {work in progress} but it has been dry brushed twice with "toasted almond" paint. Next up are drawer pulls- and they are amazing! Can't wait to share! 

Cheers to another lovely week! 
:) amc

comer limpio huevos rancheros

comer limpio huevos rancheros
{eat clean!}

After a long day of lunching, projects, running errands and napping {hey, it was Sunday} we needed a super quick and easy {and clean!} recipe for dinner. 

Inspired by Tess & Matthew's wedding favor- we were feeling Mexican food! 

Grab these: whole wheat tortillas, organic black beans, salsa {not pictured}, eggs and hot sauce

In a saute pan, heat up your salsa and create two circles/holes in the spoonfuls 

Crack an egg right into each hole and cook your egg just how you like it
Flip it once if needed

Assemble your mexi creation: warm totilla, egg and salsa then top with warmed black beans and hot sauce

This seriously took all of 10 minutes and was soo satisfying. Warm, spicy, full of texture and best yet- it actually stays in your tortilla! This dish will make an appearance at the dinner table often. 

:) amc

Friday, April 27, 2012

sweet cheeks

Everyone wants a perfect pair. Here are some great workouts to help get you there

The Tracy Anderson Method! 
This girl can change your bum's shape!!! She has recently released two new mini routines focused on the booty:
{and if TA can do these things super preggos- then surely you can too!}

The mini-routines make a great beginning or end to her classic {FREE!} workout on 

For a sculpted beach booty, the Tone It Up girls have you covered. Their new dvd has a great bum sculpting routine! 

For instant sweating needs, check out their channel for more great booty workouts! 

keep in mind that pinterest and youtube always have great booty workouts! 

put your back into it
:) amc

be styled

Every area of the house should have it's own style and be styled. Bathrooms included. And no, matching toothbrush holders and soap dispenser do not count. 

Even small windows deserve big style

that is some gorgeous organization! 

This is the goal of the guest bathroom closet- attainable I think 

I love the idea of re-purposing furniture for bathrooms; once you coat it in a spa-like color it transforms to a perfect bathroom piece 

If these things didn't cost $100+, I would have one in every room. 

Of course someone re-purposed a mason jar into a bathroom accessory. Didn't see that one coming.... :)

Mom & Dad this in one of their bathrooms at the lake house. So super cute and useful. 

You can't tell me those shelves above the toilet don't look fantastic. So clean and polished and organized! 

Double panel shower curtain? I can go for that

A solution to cluttered counter tops

so easy to do on your own! 

you can best see the wall art via it's reflection in the mirror. i love the look- very bathroom clean but upbeat 
p.s. those towels rock

even the bathroom deserves design love
:) amc

Thursday, April 26, 2012

pleats & prints

Even though yesterday I sort of ripped on americasmart's lack of lamps...they made it up to me in their abundance of apparel. 

Today's purchases:

Textured, graphic, super colorful shorts & a bright coral top to match. 

This might be "girl-normal" or it could be "amanda-crazy"... Either way, I go to Pinterest for outfit ideas when I make a new purchase. Granted these particular shorts don't warrant toooo many options... but here are some sassy short outfit inspirations: 

sexy :)

love pairing the bright shorts w a bright top
{these bad boys are from Gap}

nude wedges are a must for loud shorts

precious outfit! 

I also snagged a precious bow top and a short pleated skirt. The top "looks just like you, amanda!" but the skirt is a new venture for me. 

What do you have for me Pinterest? 

My new skirt is navy- very wearable! 
{in case you were worried, I hate the shoes}

What? I can pair it with stripes! Yesssss

So very cute! I will probably pair my pleats with a T and blazer for work. 

getting ready in the a.m. is just so much easier with new outfits 
:) amc

family wedding shower

My family is better than yours. Was that rude? Oh...I'm sorry. 

My mom and grandmother hosted our family shower at Cottage Cheek {our lake house} this past Saturday and it was sooo perfect! We had the time of our lives with our family and OF COURSE the place looked amazing!!!!
Seriously, my mom needs to start a blog and/or get this place professionally photographed. It's perfection. 

 our DIY "Hall" cornhole boards! 

love this!

Mason had to join in

mini strawberry wedding cakes! so cute and delicious!

two of my all-time favorite guys!

solving the world's problems

college cuties

Our dad's fishing away :) 

Mason's best friend, Jack

"Can I come in and open gifts with you?" 

so very exciting!

Fun  basket of goodies

Don't break the ribbons!

heirloom hanky for my "something old"

Aunt Anne got us a Keurig! 
Afternoon tea for everyone :)

Our first china place setting from the Woodruffs! yahooo! 

Hostess gifts for Mom and Grandmommy

homemade Italian garlic infused olive oil, fancy apron and flower pot

Thank you everyone for a wonderful wedding shower! We love you!

:) amc