Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hey tuesday

It's been much too long since Josh and I got our hands dirty with a DIY project {umm like a week...haha}. Our living room is fit for about 2.5 people {.5 equals Mr Mason}, we are in need of more seating. Loving the ones above! 

This gets me excited for my wedding! 

There aren't enough days in the week where it is acceptable to wear shorts. So sad. Love this outfit though- I think I need that necklace :) 

aww :)
But really, who has time for coffee together before work?!

Hopes & Dreaming! How precious are these little onesies? Like a statement necklace for a little baby boy. 

I much prefer this idea to a wreath. Much more modern and timeless to me. 

Have I already complained about not getting to wear shorts enough today? :) Enough said. Love this color combo. 

Always and Forever 

Everyone having a good week? Mine already feels long! Probably the anticipation of a fun long weekend coming up! 

be nice
:) amc

as always, more info for each of these images can be found on my Pinterest page 


  1. the whole sharpie with porcelain cup in the oven at 350 doesn't work...

    1. Yes it does, my friend has done it before. You must have done it wrong somehow.

    2. Nope, it definitely doesn't work. I definitely used Sharpie and baked my mugs and the ink smeared and then came completely off after the mugs cooled.

  2. How to do those coffee cups

  3. I did it and it did not work..... maybe the mug but I really would love to do it.

  4. Oil based sharpie apparently does the trick

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