Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey Monday
I promise he loves me...he hates pictures

He really hates the camera. So sad

Attended a Bridal Shower Brunch for Miss Brittany! 

And yes...there were bridal games. Which I won. Heck yes. 

love you Josh!

We borrowed Mom & Dad's drill and now have a finished dresser with wonderful handles! LOVE! 

Mom bribes me with gifts when I complete a wedding task {kidding...kind of...}. The 3 decorative plates are the product of choosing a wedding cake! Precious! 

 The things you will do for a discount...I dragged sweet Josh to Swoozie's on Sunday so that we could get a "bridal discount card" for all purchases made up until our wedding. Low and behold while we were there, I was the lucky winner of a GIANT basket of cards, thank you notes and gift bags! Yipppee! 

The wonderful weekend ended up homemade all-natural corn & pepper chowder with homemade {truth!} Ezekiel bread croutons. 

Getting excited about the wedding!!!
In full-on planning mode these days, I can hear you all say "FINALLY!"

:) amc

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