Thursday, July 28, 2011

baby disease

I have this's known as "Hopes & Dreams." It can be defined by an obsession over one or more of the following: babies, kids, weddings, houses, marriage, etc. Beware this disease causes lots of squeels and smiles and giggles {and endless hours lost combing the internet looking at blogs}! 

Today I caught the babies/kids strain.... 
{simply meaning i think they are cute- that's all. don't let your mind wander. gah.}

 How could you NOT love this stuff though! Wouldn't a little boy be so precious in this outfit?! All of the items are from j.crew's crewcuts line. Somehow I landed on this interview on Jenny Cooper- the creative genius/designer behind the too cute line. 

and wouldn't this outfit be perfection for a little spunky girl attending a summer wedding! it is also from jcrew crewcuts

and for the more casual kiddo- one of my favorite bloggers Fly Through Our Window produces this super adorable line called Honey Bees Tees

Congrats to my wonderful friend Maggie, who will be a mommy soon! Can't wait to dress that little bundle up!

Let the squeels, smiles and giggles begin! :) amc
{p.s. let it be known that i do not want a baby right now or for the next 5+ years for that matter}

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  1. love this post amanda macy:) thanks for the shout out! i give you permission to buy my baby either of these outfits... just saying:)


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