Monday, July 18, 2011

pretty & blonde & braided

For the most part market is over. Our events and the market went very well! {i will post about market soon, promise} I am extremely exhausted and my body aches from head {probably because i ran into a wall..yeah..i did} to toe {wedges & heels + running through 4 buildings for a week...ouchie}. But! The feeling I have knowing that it is over and it went well is pure nirvana, I am elated!

Today I feel like posting pictures of pretty hairstyles that I like.... here ya go!

Gotta start with an Olsen! GAH I love them!!! My icons in sooo many ways. and this hairstyle is so cool

My hair is getting pretty long these days...and while I am thankful that it is straight, there are many days that I wish it would dry like this

LC! Why does she keep popping onto my blog so much?! Love her chic pony

Tory has also been making regular appearance on my blog. I have always loved her care-free perfectly perfect hair. the color, the style, the shine, love! If I ever decide to cut mine short- i want it to look like hers

I want Tess to do my hair like this today :) Maybe I'll post a pic if it turns out well

i love this elegant and easy chignon. mom and i try to re-create this often. still haven't mastered it yet, but it'll come :) {p.s. i love this pic!)

Most of these hairstyles and many more "pretty hair and outfit pics" are posted on my pinterest here: Check it out to find out where I found the pics, for tutorials and more. and follow me!

:) amc

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