Tuesday, July 19, 2011

pretty papers & nice little notes

 This weekend AMC debuted a new temporaries product category: Paper Boutique. This category contained a juried collection of the most beautiful stationary, invitations, etc. To introduce the collection we invited great-granddaughter of Emily Post, Peggy Post to our market to talk about "the power of paper." 

After her talk Tess and I found a minute to walk around the collection, here is some of what we found!
 Brittany Fuson designs- super precious! i love the eyelashes & fashion

 hopes & dreams!

hunter boots :) {remember how much i love them!?!}

Ashley Brooke Designs- these girls are sooo cute! They even braided my hair- haha!

cuteness! look at the bows on her shoes! my bride heels must have bows :)

I love stationary and cards, I love the images, the fonts, the colors and most of all I love it when my friends and family USE them and send me notes! hehe. I have always always always been that girl that is obsessed with checking the mail {and now email too, i have a major addiction}. I remember religiously stopping at the mailbox after getting home from school every day and when I left for college and now living in Brookhaven- my days still light up when I receive a letter or package in the mail. I am so blessed to have a mom that takes pleasure in sending me little notes "just because." Notes truly can make someones day. Thank you Mom, I try to carry on your thoughtfulness as much as I can. :)

Speaking of pretty papers and taking the time to create nice-ness through notes. Check out this woman's incredible journals!!

write a sweet note to someone special today! 
{bonus if its addressed to me- haha jk}
:) amc

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