Tuesday, August 23, 2011

jewelry jewelry everywhere

Like any girl I love jewelry. I find new bangles, baubles, rings and things everywhere I go, and working at the mart does not help! Ha! 

I love the way a great necklace can "make" an outfit. This past weekend Josh hung up some hooks in my bathroom for my ever-expanding necklace collection {whoopsies...mart!} and I started to notice how necklaces can make for great home accents! 

Then I looked around my room, and WOW! seems I should have noticed this a long time ago. My room is covered in jewelry :) I love it 

my new hooks thanks to Josh! These are some of my favorite necklaces and they really brighten up the bathroom. I love all of the colors and the instant outfit inspiration in the morning!

This is a pretty obvious place to display jewelry...my jewelry box from Mom :) I leave the top open all of the time and reach into this daily! 

my floor length mirror even has necklaces strung on it, i've always loved this look. 
{remind me to use some windex...eek!!!}

a simple, decorative hook for some great chunky pearl necklaces

this DIY frame currently holds my fall season necklaces. i will have to switch it out soon! 

finally my lovely little ikea find. i love this tray so much, i bought it in two colors. it is a great size and fills up fast with necklaces and headbands. makes my dresser that much more girly. love that :)

when you're not dressing up your outfit, dress up your room with your jewels!
:) amc

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