Friday, September 2, 2011

a promise of strength, comfort and hopes & dreams

Okay...maybe one more post for today. This whole week has been a difficult one for me and I keep looking to the below saying and listening to this song

I sure have been clinging to that promise of comfort and strength. Thankfully it has come in the form of a lot of love from good friends, co-workers and family {and gorgeous flowers from Josh!}. Keep it coming please! :) haha 

I tell ya, life can just get downright aggravating. There is SO MUCH goodness in my life, I mean SO MUCH, blessings galore! But then there is some serious crud that you just never think you'll ever have to go through. Its frustrating when you get hit with it. I know, I know, it'll make me stronger and prepare me for the days ahead. 

Eek!! What does that say for the days ahead?!?! Just kidding. No worries there- I know I am taken care of. Right, God?? 

Right. There it is! Right there! Plans to prosper me and to give me Hopes & Dreams! I mean, Hope and a Future! Don't you just wish you could peek into those plans? I know I do. But surprises aren't all that bad either- I will practice patience and be excited about the plans He has for me. 

"The Lord will FIGHT for you; you need only BE STILL" -exodus 14:14

{P.S. Do you like how I distract myself with these cute pictures of bows and pretty outfits? Pinterest therapy. It works :) }

Now let's enjoy this long weekend!!! Fun with friends, yummy margaritas, craft-magic dates with Mom, walks with Mason the dog and sleeping in- here I come! 

:) amc 

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