Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! 

With 4 sets of family {don't ask...} celebrating the holidays tends to take a while, in fact it is Christmas again tomorrow for us Cheeks! Since I am used to spending the holidays in dozens of different living rooms and kitchens, it wasn't such a big adjustment to add 1 more family to the mix {my future in-laws!}. 

The Cheek/Hall Christmas Vacation in pictures:

Each year we have a Gingerbread decorating contest. The teams have remained the same for years and it gets pretty competitive and VERY funny

 The winning house! Mine & Gage's! We have won four years in a row now :) 

Josh and I chose Christmas Eve Eve to do gifts together. We flipped on the fireplace, huddled under the tree, made some sweet buttered rum and dug into gifts!
 I have almost perfected my recipe and will post it soon

Isn't Mason so adorable with his giant Christmas gift?!?!!!
 Ignore that tired and pale girl on the right.... 

Yay for JAMM fam Christmas time

Early the next morning we headed up to Chickamauga and Chattanooga for some Hall Family Christmas!

 Off to the country we go!

 We got to spend some wonderful time with Josh's cousins- Dave and Tya

 Such fun!

 We forced Mason to come along with us. And to take tons of pictures with us. 
Don't let the pictures fool you....He loved it. 

 We also got to play with Josh's nieces and nephews! They were SO much fun and just adorable!!!

 I am excited to become "Aunt Amanda" to the little guys! I have a lot to live up to- Josh is one hell of an uncle! So sweet!

Too cute!

Now....Christmas Day! 
We had so much fun Christmas morning with the welcomed addition of Josh and Mason to the family. Santa even found them at the Cheek house! 

 Each year Mom and Dad get Taylor and I an ornament that represents big moments in the past year or new hobbies, accomplishments, etc. This year, my ornament was a diamond ring! 

It was so fun having a FIANCE to spend Christmas with! 

 Christmas morning with Mom and Taylor! 

 Granddaddy came over and Aunt Lauree and Uncle Dale are in town! YAYYY!!

What am amazing family I have! Blessed!!!

Happy Hopes & Dreams Christmas! 

off to Cottage Christmas Round 2 with the Cheeks!

:) amc

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