Monday, February 27, 2012

the celeb life

I was bad this weekend...burger, drinks, chips & salsa, tater tots....eek. 
But it's a new week which gives me a refreshed opportunity to have a successful healthy week.

Awards season tends to help with the motivation as well. Each Sunday skinny mini little fit and fashionable stars flash across the red carpet...and I am inspired!

Oh to have the lifestyle & food budget of a celebrity...trainer, chef, gyms, classes, etc. They have it made. {kinda...}

Those arms! 
{Kelly Rippa}

Toned thighs
{Ashley Olsen}

Those are some legs! 
{Carrie Underwood}

Tight & Toned
{Elisabeth Hasselbeck}

The abs
{Jennifer Aniston}

Even though their lifestyles are unrealistic. They still are real women and proud of the strong bodies they have. You just can't hate that. I am encouraged! 

I realize this was a strange and kind of creepy post. But it's Monday and I am feeling unhealthy. Forgive me :) 

:) amc 

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