Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I loooove cookbooks. I read them like novels, display them like awards and add more to my collection on the regular. 

The thing is...when I do my grocery list, I rarely have the books around. I am happy to have found many great #EatClean blogs jam packed with recipes as a solution. 

Some inspiring #EatClean recipes to try:

Cook once and have lunch for a week. 
{via Choosing Raw}

pink pasta! Josh would freak...
{via Choosing Raw}

That zucchini pasta looks so fun. Josh got me a food processor and I am dying to use it- this cream sauce could be just the recipe!
{via Choosing Raw}

Yummmm! A small scoop could make for a warm and satisfying afternoon meal/snack
{via Edible Perspective}

I love a veggie in fry form! 
{via Choosing Raw}

It's rainy. It's cold. I am in a soup mood. I love green smoothies in the morning, I would probably enjoy a green soup for my lunch. 
{via Choosing Raw}

Or I could go for a nice, rich bowl of roasted veggie soup. Comfort. 
{via Kristen's Raw}

For a hearty, chunky soup. Josh approved. 
{via Clean Eating Chelsey}

I finally had my first taste of tofu this week and I love it! I know not to eat it too often, but I have some in the fridge and I think it should become barbecued very soon. 
{via Clean Eating Chelsey}

Notice all of the pretty colors in these foods...lot's of orange & green. My favorite colors... very fitting. 
Speaking of fitting...my clothes have been fitting much nicer since going "clean"- this is a very rewarding "lifestyle" that I def recommend

I love discovering new blogs and recipes- so please share them with me when you find! 

:) amc

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