Friday, March 30, 2012

spray day

inspiration for my next spray day

a spray paint job just might be the cheapest and easiest way to upcycle furniture and home decor. and once you pop- the fun don't stop {i couldn't help myself}

Mom, I need my chair like this back. :) 

It's time we venture back to the Goodwill for some lamps. I would love to finally have a matching pair in the living room and bedroom. 

I'm officially out of wall space at the moment, but one day I will make the infamous frame wall. I love how these are a glossy bright unexpected color. 

Event just painted the legs of this table, makes it custom cute

Drooling over this color combo- mint green and grey stripes. Need more rooms....and furniture :)

Since I am out of space and furniture...I may have to revert to spraycycling {get it...} little home accents. This bowl is very chic 

That's got to be easy! Eventually we will need a place to store dvds, magazines and books. And if a bookcase isn't in our future- these easy DIY boxes would look cute tucked under tables.

Gotta get my hands on cardboard letters. Metal spray paint will become my new baby.

maybe tomorrow will be goodwill/spray day :) 
{or pool day....!!!!!!}
:) amc

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