Thursday, May 3, 2012

designer spotlight: martyn lawrence bullard

You know him from Bravo's Million Dollar Decorator and possibly from his {so well named} design book. Not only is he certainly a character but the man's got talent. 

very nice eh ;) 

The only things important in, love and decorate 

Some of his work that makes me swoon {almost as much as his dapper self and sexy accent!}:

I think it is so fun to have such a luxurious room brought outdoors. This makes such an impactful statement, something that patio chairs could never achieve. 

What fun! I loooove these bright colors and the round table. Very family oriented, right Mom? :) 

Now this is a dining room! Royalty meets modern day fantastic. 

Tranquil and cozy. Fresh flowers make all the difference, take note. 

I could do this! In my {Hopes &} Dreams....
:) amc 

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