Thursday, January 31, 2013

{DIY} Twine Bottle Topper

This little jug {the same one from here & here} sits next to our television in our living room. It collects dust wine corks {when we remember...} and fills an empty spot on our side table for some balance and symmetry. 

For months and months whenever I lounged on the sofa I would remember that I should 'finish' the jug with some twine. Twine that I own. To be adhered by hot glue. Hot glue that I own. The only thing missing was the energy to just do it already. 

I used some thin twine leftover from wedding crafts. A thicker twine would look great though! 

Just a couple of dabs of hot glue held the twine spiral in place. 
Seriously...this project took just a couple of minutes and hardly an ounce of effort. Does this even qualify as a project? 

It's the little things. 

I should drink more wine....for the corks of course. 
In the name of a project. A "Project"..... ;)

that was easy


  1. Where do you find those awesome glass jugs? I need them! We save all of our wine corks, too. Whenever we are celebrating or drinking wine for a special occasion, we write the date and event on the corks with a sharpie. They're fun to read later :)

    1. I love these jugs- they are actually organic apple juice jugs- you can find them at Kroger! Love the date/cork idea- so cute!


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