Wednesday, September 25, 2013

introducing: A. Macy Hall | tassel necklaces

my new tassel necklace etsy shop!

here's the story:
A couple of Sunday's ago I was going stir crazy hanging out at home. I had had enough of hearing screaming announcer dudes yelling about blocked backs and yard lines. I also had lingering memories of a strange dream that I had where I was making tons of pretty necklaces {whoa...I sound like a crazy person}. I had nothing but time and a craft store positioned way too close to my house. 

Fairly unlike me, I walked into the store with no plan of what I was going to make or purchase. Not a clue. But beads were on sale, I found some chain I liked and strings and links and other things that seemed appropriate. 

A little while later I found myself with these 3 cute creations and a completely satisfied creative side. Success. 

The next day a business owner friend of mine {Amy of the super cute shop, Swell Caroline} saw me wearing my necklace and asked to put them in her booth at Market. 
'Sounds fine to me!'

Much to my surprise- I made an order! I've also been loving making tassel necklaces for my sweet friends, which just makes me so happy! 
{the University of Georgia gameday necklace is pretty popular right now} 

I am loving this little hobby- it's such a wonderful way for me to relax and tap into my creative side {a side that is dyinggggg to get out more!}

I've now opened a little Etsy shop to sell my necklaces. 
I'd love for you to see all the styles in my shop at

love :)


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