Thursday, September 22, 2011

dreaming for dwell studio

The Cheek Family bought a lake house! So very exciting- we spent all of last weekend there cleaning, decorating, sitting on the dock, enjoying the fire pit and eating yummy bbq. I will show you pics soon! 

New lake house means.... new rooms to decorate!!! Yay! I popped over to Dwell Studios website today and died over their home furnishing collection. 
Some of my loves: 
I can't remember where I first saw this bedding, but I have been in LOVE with it ever since! I love the colors and of course the stripes. Of course it is not only sold out but also pricey. Think I could rig up my own version??? :) 

Headboards like this are almost at the point of "overdone" but I still like them. I especially like how this one has a bit more shape than others I have seen. 

I think this is very fun! It is a bit too similar to my bed at home though... which coincidentally is themed after a Dwell Studio for Target pillow that I bought. All the same, I love this. 

They have a great line of blankets and throws. Wonderful colors and prints and I bet they are cozy and soft as can be! I need one! 

This is a great look. WAY too similar to my bedding at home- but I love the idea of a printed headboard. 

The area rugs are fantastic. Great simple patterns and lovely colors. Would really "make" a room! 

See what I mean! And what an interesting size... I need some of these. 

This area rug would be PERFECT in my room at home or my lake house room. So me! 

Their fabrics are just really something. I think a white farm house dining room table would look fantastic surrounded by a collection of these chairs in all of the different fabrics. Call me crazy. I would so do it! 

Yup, I need to purchase some of this fabric. 

P.S. this is Dwell Studio's designer Christiane. I like to think that if I were a designer, we would have a lot in common :) Love her colors, PRINTS, style, logo and line of BABY THINGS! 

Yes! Baby things! {Hopes & Dreams!}
Come! On! Way too cute!!!

DwellStudio style nursery!

Too cute! Love that lamp and the wall color

I imagine this would be a wonderful rocker.

I die for these walls and the color theme of this room.

Ah! Too cute! Someone stop me!!!

Baby bags for Mom & Dad!

Even baby announcements complete with elephants!!! 

Ok I have met my Hopes & Dreams quota for the day. Back to real life! 
:) amc

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  1. Love this:) Those rugs are so cute! Dwell Studio is the besssst!


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