Tuesday, September 20, 2011

high handy-man hopes

So I hopped on the 6 a.m. plane from Boston to Atlanta and touched down in Atlanta before most people wake up on a Saturday morning. Josh greeted me at the terminal and we had a wonderful homecoming breakfast at The Waffle House {classy joint}. Most of the people there were still up from the night before I think... I just looked like I was. Poor Josh. 

And before I know it- it's off to Scott's Antique Market! Wait... didn't I JUST get home from an antique market like an hour ago??? Yup Amanda, you did. And your mother is dragging you to another one. "Treasure Hunting Time!" 
So we were off, and we brought those boys along for the ride. 

Some findings:
the outdoor tent by the first building (north?) was my favorite. 
i think i need that sign at home, just in case for one second my mind isn't consumed with market anxiety fun thoughts ;)

 we loved these frames! mom bought one for the lake house and we are begging Josh to get handy and make us more!

 i really like these sconces. another project i want Josh to help me make :)

we saw a lot of these old industrial looking light fixtures and ones that were made from old baskets and such. very cool. 
you guessed it- we want the boys to make us some :) 
we sure do have high hopes! {and dreams}

 i fell in love with these massive frames made out of tin. some had mirrors in them. they were outstanding! but i know they would take that special room to look right. sadly, i don't have that room. boo

we came home with all sorts of ideas for our next "crafty time"
can't wait! :) amc

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