Monday, April 30, 2012

comer limpio huevos rancheros

comer limpio huevos rancheros
{eat clean!}

After a long day of lunching, projects, running errands and napping {hey, it was Sunday} we needed a super quick and easy {and clean!} recipe for dinner. 

Inspired by Tess & Matthew's wedding favor- we were feeling Mexican food! 

Grab these: whole wheat tortillas, organic black beans, salsa {not pictured}, eggs and hot sauce

In a saute pan, heat up your salsa and create two circles/holes in the spoonfuls 

Crack an egg right into each hole and cook your egg just how you like it
Flip it once if needed

Assemble your mexi creation: warm totilla, egg and salsa then top with warmed black beans and hot sauce

This seriously took all of 10 minutes and was soo satisfying. Warm, spicy, full of texture and best yet- it actually stays in your tortilla! This dish will make an appearance at the dinner table often. 

:) amc

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