Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

I hope everyone enjoyed their red, white & blue celebrations!

I proudly represented my holiday excitement on Tuesday with a full-on R,W&B ensemble

And YUMMY red velvet w cream cheese icing American Flag cupcakes! 
They don't exactly look like flags...but hey, I tried. 

Tuesday night we were off to Norcross for our annual family fireworks show! 

in the POURING rain...

seriously, pouring

while we didn't actually get to see any fireworks we did succeed in some strange family fun and a wonderful homemade picnic {with those cupcakes I made earlier!}

With the sun shining bright and no rain clouds in sight- we were enjoying the lake early Wednesday morning

the JAMM fam minus Miley {she isn't a lake kind of girl...}

an early morning look at the lake with our cute flags all around

We spent the majority of the day hanging out on our boat

And of course eating tasty summer meals

One last boat ride before the day was done

a gorgeous sunset to close the day out

Happy 4th! 
:) amc

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