Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still Hoping & Dreaming

It's sad that I haven't found time to write on here as much as I used to. But that doesn't mean that my "Hopes & Dreaming" have come to an end. 
No Siree, Bob {whose Bob?}

Furniture I would love to own...

Keeping with my {attempt at...} "industrial chic" theme- this table would look nice nestled into the entry way, dining room or behind the couch. 

After having the girls over last weekend, I realized that we desperatly need bar stools for the kitchen. 

It amazes me how much style a rug can give a room! I have decided that the entry way needs a runner. 

One day when I have an "adult" house with kids and all that {uhh....eeeeek.....ummm....}, I will need to jump on the "mud room" bandwagon with this stylish piece. The mudroom is the new room. 

Still Hoping & Dreaming
:) amc

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