Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick & Easy Guilt-Free Dessert: Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

I am more of a salty snack lover than a sweet tooth but I struggle with battling the urge to down sleeves of Oreos just like the next person. {um. what?.}

Last night {p.s. after this awesomeeee workout from the Tone It Up girls!} the 'I need a cookie' urge struck me between the eyes. I didn't want to completely negate my sweat session so I slightly sweetened up my go-to Greek yogurt instead. 

New favorite sweeeeeet recipe for you to try! 

Quick & Easy Guilt-Free Dessert: 

Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

-stir it up the following ingredients till smooth and well mixed-

Fage 0% Greek Yogurt
1 T all natural peanut butter 
1 T honey
1 capful of all natural vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
Top with 1/2 T of  mini chocolate chips


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