Wednesday, August 28, 2013

workout wednesday

It's Workout Wednesday!'s not because I don't do series posts...but I wish I did! 

To coincide with my 'take care of myself + work/life balance' new take on life {see this post} Josh and I have gotten back into the swing of daily workouts. 
It's amazing what 30-60 minutes of sweating, stretching and getting stronger can do for your mind and body. 

Workout/Health/Fitness products I am into right now 

{+ some wish list items!}

Why did I ever stop doing the Tone It Up workouts?! Katrina and Karena have such a great energy- I absolutely love their brand + their workouts totally deliver. Some of my favorites on their latest Beach Babe DVD are the HIIT cardio workout and the Beach Barre routine. 

My new go-to breakfast! Amazing Meal is a perfect mix of organic green superfoods {think kale, spinach, broccoli, antioxidizing berries} and 10 grams of complete plant based protein. It tastes great and is a cinch to make- just add almond milk plus one scoop to my blender bottle. It actually keeps me full  until lunch! {I use the Vanilla Chai flavor}

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood 
Amazing Meal without the protein! This is a great detox drink with an extra shot of energy. An easy way to get tons of vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals into your body. I am loving the 40,000 ORAC version now which is great for combating free radicals. 

Comfortable, cute, moisture wicking, light weight. I love these workout tights! They are a great price and easy to pick up at Target. 

C9 by Champion Women's Layered Tank with Bra 
See ya pricey Lululemon tops- Target's version is practically just as good and welllll under $64

C9 by Champion Women's 3/4 Sleeve Brushed Cross Back Yoga Coverup  
I am loving this top- I throw it over my workout tanks to run errands or if I get chilly at home. Because yes, husband, it's important that workout clothes are both functional and fashionable. ;)

Wish List Items
Kettlebell  |  I love kettlebell moves because they incorporate so many small and large muscles. What is the best weight to get if I am starting off? I'm thinking 10 or 20 lb....?

Heart Rate Monitor  |   Now that most of my workouts are in  my home {no gym access} I think this would be an encouraging/motivating way to track my workouts and runs. Any advice on brands, models, retailers? 

cheers to sweat

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