Sunday, August 7, 2011

sweet sundays

Like everyone, I love Sundays. From Slow Sundays to Sunday Fundays and every other type of Sunday in between. 
This weekend Josh and I ditched Atlanta for the quaint little towns of Chickamauga GA and Chattanooga TN. It was a wonderful escape and we drank in every second of the weekend. I will share more later. 
Right now my tummy is stuffed, my feet are sore and I am sleepy. We started this morning with a hike in Cloudland Canyon which is located somewhere near Chickamauga. It was gorgeous. We loved spending time together, surrounded by nature, with sweet Mason and Josh's parents. 

 what a sweetheart!

Once we got home, we ran some errands, I finally organized a pile of clothes and shoes {comparable to the size of Mason...or bigger! eek} and then we made a wonderful brunch for dinner!

Williams and Sonoma cookbook French Toast with nutmeg, vanilla and orange zest {courtesy of my new zester! yes!!} Josh took the lead on this part of the meal and he did fantastic! So flavorful and decadent!

 I took the lead on another Williams and Sonoma coobook dish using my wonderful Lodge cast iron pan! I made maple banana polentina {yes, polentina, not polenta. don't ask me- ask William and Sonoma} . So good! Very similar to grits with a topping of fresh bananas and real maple syrup. Sweet, savory and so tasty!

We are a meat loving JAMM family, so we had to throw some sausage in there too.

Well after the canyon hike and our fantastic dinner, I am ready for a good nights rest! This weekend and this sweet Sunday was just wonderful. Josh and I kept looking at each other and just smiling- thinking about how blessed and happy we are! I am so joyous to have found someone to share my life with that is equally as excited about the wonderful things in life as I am.

Thank you God! Good night :) amc

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