Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Bottle Lamp {inspired by Pottery Barn}

'Oh please, I can make that'

The DIY itch struck again! 

Bottle lamps are all over the place right now- and why shouldn't they be? They go with any color scheme, any decor style and come in all different styles and shapes. But...they also come with a stupid big price tag. 

At Pottery Barn they START at $120....

Even World Market {home decor knock-off experts!} sell theirs for almost $50

This is all before even adding a lamp shade. 

My DIY version will set you back about $25, and that is WITH a lampshade! Yahoo!e

So cute! Perfect size for a bedside table, entry way table, desk or side tables. 

What you need:
Organic Apple Juice! $8
This is the perfect bottle and hardly considered a cost if you regularly buy/drink apple juice like we do! We had 4 laying around because I just knew that one day I would think of something to do with them. 

Bottle Lamp Kit- Wal Mart $6.50 have two options for the assembly. This weekend we made lamps both ways. 

Cord IN the bottle, or cord outside of the bottle. Both look great! 
{picture above has the cord inside of the bottle}

Cord in the bottle is a bit more stressful. You have to use a drill and a special diamond drill bit {about $15 at Lowes}...and...your dad or another fearless handyman. Thanks Dad! 

The lamp kit comes with easy instructions {and the CRAZY EASY option for keeping the cord outside of the bottle}- should take you just a couple of minutes. 

Then super or hot glue the lamp kit base into the hole of your jug. 

Add a cute lamp shade {mine are World Market accent lamp shades for under $10 each} and plug it in! 

Lamp complete and completely cute! 

Price break-down:
  • Bottle {but if you regulary drink this juice..I like to not count this cost}: $8
  • Lamp Kit: $6.50
  • Accent Lamp Shade: $10
  • Total {with bottle cost}: $24.50 {or just $16.50 if you have bottles!!!}

{If you want to drill the hole and need the drill bit- tack on about $15 to your end cost}

Quite the stylish steal! 
:) amch


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Connie! :) Let me know if you make one- would love to see pics!

  2. I love these but wouldn't spend the money on one from a store. Thanks for teaching me how to make one myself!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. You're so welcome, Amy! It's just a fabulous added bonus that the apple juice is super yummy too! :)

  3. How do you keep the lamp part secure at the neck of the bottle? I have a beautiful wine bottle-sized bottle. Would this kit work for that size?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Kathleen!
      I would suggest using the Lowes Bottle Lamp Kit {}-- unlike the GE/WalMart version, the Lowes kit comes with 3 rubber bottle adapters. Hopefully one will fit!
      If not, I have heard of people custom fitting cork into the neck. {Drill a hole into the cork for the wire}.
      Either way- Super Glue will your be best friend for a perfect fit!

      Best of luck! Would love to see a picture of your finished product!

    2. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for the tips! I will send you a pic when I get it done!


  4. I love this lamp and shared it on my blog today! Love the way this turned out and it looks great with the mercury glass look too!

    1. Thanks so much Kristi! I love my mercury glass one, it sits on my desk at work. Let me know if you make one as well, I would just love to see pictures!

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  6. This is a really cute lamp shade. This website also sells them

  7. Where can I find this apple juice in this size bottle? I having trouble finding it locally.

  8. Can I just let the cord hang down the back of the glass base and not drill a hole in the glass?

  9. Nice blog! this blog explain about the DIY Bottle Lamp inspired by Pottery Barn. They go with any color scheme, any decor style and come in all different styles and shapes. Keep share this.


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