Wednesday, October 31, 2012

a reminder

Before October passes us by in a couple of hours, I have to take a moment or two to shout out to the many breast cancer survivors and warriors out there. 

Many of you know that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was in college, it was a big shock to our family and changed our day-to-day lives immediately. By the grace of God among other blessings, Mom is 5 years breast cancer free this year! Her story is amazing and a true testament to technological advancements, early detection and the strength in friends and family. 

Our family enjoys seeing America plastered in pink during the month of October, but to us and many many many people across the globe, every single day comes with a reminder of the fight, a reminder of the blessings and a hope for a healthier future. 

Congratulations to Mom and all other breast cancer survivors! Blessings & prayers to the strong women and men out there fighting every minute to beat breast cancer in their own lives and the lives of others. 

I love you Mom! 
{don't cry}
:) amh

Boo! It's HALLoween!

It's HALLoween!

It's a spirited and spooky day at work :) 

Last night I whipped up the only dessert that I know how to make. Brownie Cookie Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting

Crazy easy to make and decorate! 

Eek! :) 

Artsy Angels! Our creative department

matchy matchy matchy! 


Trick or Treat! 
:) amh....or Amanda Macy HALLoween 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Country Living Fair: Atlanta 2012

I left you hanging. I just mentioned {previous blog post} that I went to the Country Living Fair and all day Sunday I tweeted pictures from the fair...but I haven't blogged about our adventure. Here ya go! 

Mom, Jasmine {Tiller's cute girlfriend} and I bundled up and headed to the fair on Sunday. We weren't able to go Friday and Saturday but were hopeful that our {forced} Sunday decision would result in better deals!
That only proved to be true occasionally...oh well. 

Some findings:
The Industrial Chic trend is still going strong and at Country Living Fair it gets mixed with french provincial very easily. These cute little tin buckets would be so easy to make and a great way to organize items throughout the house. 

Another DIY inspiration I am in love with is using old door nobs adhered to reclaimed dry-brushed planks of wood as a set of hooks. Easy, affordable and cute. Added to my project list! 

Reclaimed wood with pops of colored decorative elements were everywhere- and I can see why. It'd be so simple to update a room with these stylish wall hangings. 

We stopped in the kitchen event tent for a while and learned how to make delicious poached pears {recipe in this month's issue of Country Living}. Plus we got a super tasty sample! Poached pear, gorgonzola cheese, toasted hazelnut salad. 

Another find that I should not have left behind...this reclaimed wood starburst is so beautiful to me!

These amazingly designed and handcrafted tote bags bring a whole new sense of style to utility.

Though I don't have pictures {yet!}, I came home with a reclaimed wood star ornament, small burlap bag to hang on a hook and hold mittens, a fashionABLE scarf and decorative pillow for the holidays. Successful shopping trip + a great girls day! 

Mark your calendar for Country Living Fair: Atlanta 2013!
:) amh

french wine jugs

Regular sized wine bottles are for sissies. 

At the Country Living Fair last weekend {more on that soon} I spotted an exhibitor selling french wine jugs in their original crates. Such a cool look! Of course I could think of dozens of ways to decorate with them...but being low on floor space and appalled by the $125+ price tag, I sadly walked away. 

And I haven't stopped thinking about that find since...

A simple look to add life {through a dead branch...the irony} to a boring corner. Wouldn't this just be so precious with a couple of ornaments and small lights for Christmas?

Even sitting in its original crate container or transferred to a different style basket- this just looks awesome! 

A slightly smaller version filled with water and {temporarily} living branch truly brings the beauty of the outdoors in. 

Well my calendar is marked for Scott's Antique Market in hopes that my jug and I are reunited. 

:) amh

Friday, October 26, 2012

musings of my friday

I think I am a guest blogger on my own blog. Technology...New names...

Guess what...I have no intention of googling around to figure it out, because on this delightful Friday I am brain dead and beyond ready for the weekend. 

Some pretty pictures for ya...

I'm all over this chambray thing. Next stop...leather leggings. I want. Very bad. 

A classic example of winter-izing. And too much unruly hair.

Loving this color mix

3 Shades of Grey is just enough for me

If I were into booties. In the meantime, I am very into the rest of this outfit

feeling the need to cuddle up in layers and layers of soft sweaters
:) amh

Thursday, October 18, 2012

look who is back...

Mrs. Amanda Macy Hall! 

The wedding was amazing- everything I could have ever wanted and so much more! The honeymoon was a blast- such a fun and relaxing week with my husband! 

More on all of the wedding festivities later- right now I am soaking in being married and not being a bride and talking about wedding stuff 24/7. I loved being a bride and being engaged, but it started to take over every single conversation that anyone ever had with me- it seemed to be all anyone cared about! 
Again- it was beautiful, it was perfect, I am so blessed and so happy. 
But for right now- its married life time! {I promise I will post about the wedding, DIY wedding things, parties, showers, dinners, reception, honeymoon and so much more- just not right this second}. 

We landed back in the states on Tuesday and by Wednesday I was already overcome with the urge to cook! I had every intention of cooking something comforting, filling, scrumptious and naughty {read: not clean eating}, but we were too tired to trek it over to the grocery store. So I improvised and made a semi-clean comforting-ish dish. 

 an improvised take on Giada's Chicken Saltimbocca

It was supposed to look like this. But ya know what, we will all survive with how it did look.

Layer together: 
Flattened out chicken breasts {that was fun!}
Turkey Bacon {Giada would prefer Proscuitto}
Spinach {yup, it was frozen, deal with it}
Horseradish Cheese {not called for, but I thought it'd be good and I needed to use that cheese}

Roll it up and cook on a medium-high skillet for 2-4 minutes

Try to flip it over to cook the other side. Watch all of your hard work fall apart into a mush. Get frustrated.  Get over it. Cook for 4 minutes each side. 

Add in 2+ cups of chicken stock + some lemon juice and let it bubble bubble toil in trouble until the chicken is cooked through. 
{p.s. bouillon cubes are life savers}

Plate your yummy chicken onto a brand new wedding gift serving platter. Yeeehaw!

Let the left over stock boil down with some added herbs and lemon juice. Top your beautiful {err} meal with the sauce {"sauce"}.

Serve to your brand-new husband on your brand-new Pottery Barn 'everyday china' and enjoy. 

Married Life. That's all it is! Right?! ;)

Feels great to be back!
:) amh 

{note those new initials friends}