Friday, November 25, 2011

trimming turkeys and trees

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope that everyone had a beautiful and blessed holiday. 

We spent ours at Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house with 50 of our wonderful family members. Surprisingly there were actually leftovers

This wasn't easy

My family!

I love these pictures- Mom is so pretty!

Those boys


Before all of this- the girls and I had an impromtu Thanksgiving dinner! I actually cooked a turkey and homemade gravy! So exciting- we had a fantastic time! Good friends. Good food. Doesn't get much better

 Turks the turkey hot and fresh out the oven!

 Carved and ready to eat 

A complete and wonderful meal! Shout out to PowPowell infamous stuffing, Meagan's tasty beans and Morgan's first stab at cooking: mac & cheese!

This morning Josh and I scratched our Christmas tree itch and decked the halls!

The first JAMM family tree ready for Home!

We went with a fresh tree- we just couldn't part with its beautiful fragrance

work in progress photo opp!

I added some Christmas love to the mantle too. 
{the other half of the mantle is reserved for Kim and Travis :) }

 JAMM family stockings

Josh Amanda Miley Mason

The Holiday season has begun!

Excited to celebrate in our Holiday decorated Home 

Off to bake a ham! 
:) amc 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

toasty toes

Last year it was Hunters that kept my toes toasty. I L O V E my Hunter boots, and when I stuff those cozy socks in them, my Uggs are a waste of money {sorry Uggs}. My Hunter's keep me dry and cozy and they are classically cute!!

 Precious! That isn't me... but I will probably copy that outfit, does that count?

There I am! Snuggled up with my trusty, toasty Hunters

THIS year Josh spotted the Sorel! And since then my selective vision has been ON. They are all I see and I dub them as this year's Hunter:

They definitely have that rugged thing going on. But the fur looks soft and sweet. 

Watch this video and suddenly they become sexy! I am a sucker for marketing. 

To be loyal to my Hunters, my budget and my boyfriend. I will probably opt for this well-priced option for me:
Yup, they are Old Navy! Who would've guessed?! 

You may be wondering what this boot choice has to do with my loyalty to my boyfriend....Well, he did spot them first. And he needs them more than I do. Anddddd I totally love him and want him to have cozy toes!!! :) {Christmas gift spoiler alert}

Love the red shoelaces

I can't seem to convince Josh that the shearling on this pair is faaabulous! But don't you think it is???? {please agree, please agree}

{Hopes & Dreams} time!!!

 Baby Boy Sorels!!!

Baby Girl Sorels!!! 

Toe-tally exciting! {augh...that was bad}

:) amc 

Monday, November 21, 2011


You are my #1 outlet. But sometimes I get excited about something and it just isn't blog worthy. I felt sorry for the content ideas. So I decided to start a Tumblr. Now I can spit out little baby posts about this, that and the other thing super fast. 

Say hello to my little Tumblr

I know you'll be fast friends. 

:) amc 

t-giving task

Poor Josh, sometimes he gets the craziest meals. Like last night...I decided that I would do some test runs of snacks. For two reasons- One, I wanted to try out the new dutch oven and fry something baby!!! And Two, Thanksgiving is coming up and for whatever terrible reason, it was decided {slash-I regretfully offered..} that I would bring appetizers. 

So for dinner Josh and I hunkered into these tasty treats:

 Roasted Summer Sausage with Sweet/Savory Dipping Sauce

Pepper Poppers: peppers grown by Mr. Hall in good ole Chickamauga stuffed with chili seasoning, oregano, cream cheese and parmesan cheese {didn't have any colby or jack or cheddar or anything} then.... deep friend! 

Didn't make the healthiest or most substantial dinner but sure was fun and yummy! 

Question still lingers- what do I make for the Thanksgiving appetizer? Did I mention that I want to spend very little money and I have to feed 50+ people?! Umm... 

 Baked Brie is a Patty Cheek classic and I am very tempted to follow in her footsteps

I enjoy making this kind- anything wrapped in a carb is always just that much better. Throw some fruit in there for good measure and "health"

Intrigiuing! Especially since a long car ride is involved in this project

The Pepper Poppers from last night were amazing but would take way too much work for such a crowd. This version could be good! Plus it has bacon! 

How cute right!!! But no way

Back to achievable goals- this spicy cranberry dip looks yummy and could be easy! I love that it has a bit of kick to it!

White Pizza Dip maybe? Kids love that stuff! 

But Pizza with toppings is always better- I bet in dip world- this still reigns true. 

Is this too stupid?

So that strange roasted sausage dish was a play on the wonderful Mrs. Rachel Zoe's recipe. Remember last season when she made it for the company's backyard bbq and people "died" over it? Being a lover of RZ and sausage...I had to try it. 

And I went bananas over it! I think the boys will gobble it up too! 

Gosh I wish! 

Sweet little bites! 

Happy Thanksgiving!
{i love you orange, i love you glitter, i love you acorns}

Well I will be sure to let you know what it created. Yahoo! 
:) amc

Sunday, November 20, 2011

popping parent love

No birthday is complete without a heaping dose of love from my wonderful family. This year I dared to introduce my brother and Dad to some "culture" food and dragged them to the Iberian Pig in Decatur. 
After some serious griping and googling of unpronounceable ingredients... we all took dares and ordered our dishes. 
And no one was dissatisfied. Yum!
Of course the Birthday plate made an appearance!

 Due to the extreme darkness of this restaurant {some guests even used the iPhone flashlight to order...ha} I failed to get any good pics. But the food was outstanding and overflowing with flavors!

Thank you Mom & Dad for adding to my kitchen with a gorgeous cast iron dutch oven!

Tonight Josh & I filled it with oil and successfully completed our first fried dish!

Pepper Poppers! Josh's dad gave us some peppers to experiment with and I think I did them proud! They are stuffed with a savory cheese blend and perfectly golden brown thanks  to Josh!

Success! Thank you Mom and Dad! 
:) amc