Friday, June 29, 2012

wedding, wedding, wedding planning

I've been ALL ABOUT some wedding tasks this week! I am flying through this to-do list and having tons of fun doing so! 

All of my progress earned me this CRAZY CUTE mini cast iron pan! Thanks Mom, I can't wait to make mini sized cobblers, omelets, corn breads and more! 

So very timely; today an email from Glitter Guide slid into my inbox and featured this precious gift idea! I know I will love my mini cast iron pan so much, that I will want to gift it to all my gals. 

So? What have I been up to lately that can be shared on the world wide web where no secret is kept hidden? Hmmm.....

The apartment has turned in to Invitation Station! 
My love for papers, fonts and graphical elements has made the journey to the *perfect invitation* a long and laborious one. But no fret friends, we are soooo almost there and I hope you love what I have come up with as much as I do! 
{I do! hehe}

And on an impulse, I got a real-live calligraphy set! 
We will see how this pans out... :) 

We also now have a flower girl! Josh's precious niece will pave the way for me down the aisle. Can't wait! 

Cheers to hoping I can keep this bridal momentum going! 

Plan, plan, plan, plan
:) amc

shake it

happy friday! 

this week has been a speed session of work, bridal duties and stomach bugs {yeah augh}. 

with so much going on- i could use a little luck in my life. 

how about through the form of my favorite animal as PRECIOUS little salt & pepper shakers?!
shake for me, cuties :)

keep your trunk up for good luck!
:) amc

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey Monday
I promise he loves me...he hates pictures

He really hates the camera. So sad

Attended a Bridal Shower Brunch for Miss Brittany! 

And yes...there were bridal games. Which I won. Heck yes. 

love you Josh!

We borrowed Mom & Dad's drill and now have a finished dresser with wonderful handles! LOVE! 

Mom bribes me with gifts when I complete a wedding task {kidding...kind of...}. The 3 decorative plates are the product of choosing a wedding cake! Precious! 

 The things you will do for a discount...I dragged sweet Josh to Swoozie's on Sunday so that we could get a "bridal discount card" for all purchases made up until our wedding. Low and behold while we were there, I was the lucky winner of a GIANT basket of cards, thank you notes and gift bags! Yipppee! 

The wonderful weekend ended up homemade all-natural corn & pepper chowder with homemade {truth!} Ezekiel bread croutons. 

Getting excited about the wedding!!!
In full-on planning mode these days, I can hear you all say "FINALLY!"

:) amc

Friday, June 22, 2012

save the date!

Signed, sealed, delivered--- our Save the Date's hit mailboxes this week! 

The wedding is coming up fast! We are ready and BEYOND excited to share this day with our loved ones! 

check your mail!
:) amc

let them eat cake

The wedding cake has been chosen! 

Mom, Josh and I had no trouble making a quick cake decision! 

I am sooo excited about our cake- it's crazy tasty. 
{and the groom's "cake"? ohhhh guys- get excited! It's cool}

If you want a sample of the bridal cake- come over tonight! Extras won't last long :) 

cake cake cake
:) amc

Monday, June 18, 2012

the weekend

Happy belated Father's Day! 

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a weekend as I did. Josh & I joined the Cheek fam down at Cottage Cheek Saturday and Sunday. We had the BEST time laying in the water, kayaking, cooking, grilling, playing games and being together. 

grilled peaches on the porch

hot blueberry pancake breakfasts

gorgeous summer meals

mr. mason getting his kayak on


is there really anything better than a weekend on the lake with those you love?

i think not
:) amc

Friday, June 15, 2012


hey blog world! 

so sorry it has been quite some time since my last post...all has been well! 

we are off to cottage cheek {the lake} this weekend to soak up the sun and celebrate father's day. 

enjoy your weekend! 
:) amc

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

two years down, forever to go

Josh & I celebrated our second date-iversary last weekend.

Like most couples, we celebrated with dinner & drinks. 

But in JAMM fashion- we kicked it up a notch! 

This month's chalkboard sign :)

Date night at Watershed on Peachtree

We started with AMAZING cocktails! Seriously, amazing! I was doing all I could to stay classy and sip slowly. 
After our first cocktail we moved to the dinner table where it was romantically dark and I couldn't take any good pictures. Very disappointing because the food was so delicious and beautiful! Josh and I believe this food to be in our top tier of favorite Atlanta rests! Def going back. Hungry thinking about it. 

Saturday night family wedding with my handsome date

We rounded out the weekend with crafty time! Poor Josh...Lucky for him all he ever has to do is deliberate over fabric choices with me and use a staple gun. The staple gun part ain't half bad for a man now! 

My first EVER attempt at a pillow. Not too bad! I got very confused with the whole closure part...I will need to learn how to do buttons soon. 

The extra burlap was just enough for a "new" lampshade!

Another pillow! I made the little accent pillow using leftover DwellStudio fabric I had. This one....didn't turn out quite as well. But I left my perfectionism at work this weekend, so it is what it is. 

Our major project for the weekend was updating two boring stools! 
We had two of these that needed more of a purpose. So they got sanded, dry painted and were given an upholstered cushion top. What do you think? Now they fit in with our home and are much more comfortable! Since we already had the paint and stools, this project only cost about $8! Just get some thick foam and 1/2 yard of fabric for two. 

Yay! I love them! 

So that was it ladies and gentlemen, our two year anniversary weekend. I loved every second of it- dinner, drinks, crafting and all. I am so blessed! 

Love you J! 
:) amc

isaiah 41:10

He is with us
:) amc

Monday, June 4, 2012

new in atlanta: proof & provisions

Reminiscing on tasty dinners from this past weekend is making my stomach growl. 

Josh & I had the wonderful opportunity to taste the menu from Proof & Provisions, the latest eatery to hit downtown Atlanta. Right across from the Fox theater and underneath the beautiful Georgian Terrace, Atlantans and tourists alike can try their hand at expertly created cocktails & bar snacks that kick traditional bar nuts and wings to the curb. 

{all of these AWESOME pictures are from the Twitter accounts of Jeff Moore & Elizabeth Moore}

Bar Snacks to be reckoned with: soft pretzels with creamy creamy white cheese dip, deviled eggs, hot dog in potato bun with homemade sauces, french bread pizzas and more. 

Killer cocktails. A vodka with soda water order is not welcomed here.
Try out the barrel aged cocktails: pre-made months in advance so that the flavors and liquors get to know each other real well. :) 

Next time you're at The Fox. Skip the predictable and try something new at P&P

:) amc

just to lust: kate spade bridal accoutrements

Kate, stop being so bride beautiful. My wish list just can't keep up! 

Perfect "new couple" pillows for the master bedroom

love the font!

To purchase for me click here

:) amc

Friday, June 1, 2012

shades of grey: home decor

It seems I am going through a grey phase. And no, not that kind of grey phase. 

Shades I'm in to: 

Matted black & white photos look stunning with the shadow of a grey wall

Painted grey furniture accented in gold is simply luxurious 

The cluster of grey pillows on the white white couch speak to me. 

Somehow a grey rug makes rugs look less stuffy and old. 
Grey is good for the rug reputation.

More grey furniture with gold hardware. I feel a DIY coming on...

An office for the important only. 

This will probably be purchased super soon. 

Grey & yellow- it's not going away!
Stripes make my heart beat. 

I love how well shades of grey {smirk, giggle, blush} go together. 
That chair is luscious next to the walls. 

Orange goes with anything. Or is it.... Grey goes with anything? 

I need more grey in my life. The color. ;)

shaded by grey
:) amc