Monday, October 31, 2011

luscious leather

In preparation for a very stylish fall and winter, the events girls have all purchased some wonderful leather {"leather"} jackets. Just in case we needed any inspiration on how to wear them, I have steadily compiled a picture folder of luscious leather looks {jackets and leggings}. 

{Que Stevie's "Leather and Lace"}

love the stripes with it

Ms. Divorced Kardashian rocking a leather jacket and casual scarf. Like the look! {hey Mason the baby!}

Olivia always looks so stylish- I like how she wears her leather leggings. Makes me want to own some. 

So you're telling me that leather jackets will work in Summer too? Rock on! 

Hey again Olivia. Love the leather leggings with the heels.

Leather jacket makes even casual jeans day look pulled together and h o t 

Very cute! And possibly cozy too

I love that people make leather leggings look good with flats

An events team staple- the leather jacket with a sweet, girly dress

This look is adorable! 

Tough with a kitten heel. Tre Chic


So darling! Can't wait to pair my jacket with some pops of color!

Have we met? This is THE everyday outfit for sure! 

I mean, she is holding a Chanel and wearing a cream sweater. Proof that leather can be sweet. Not just sexy. 

There she is again... {ignoring today's headlines...focusing on the outfit}... love the jacket! I want some shearling in mine! 

So pretty Ash! 

Oh Aniston- she looks perfect in anything. And her leather looks are no different. Cozy and cute!

So, it is decided. Leather is my love for the fall & winter. {partly in thanks to the bootie looking so gross on me} Anyways- so excited to rock it! But in a sweet way :) 

:) amc


It's Halloween! {and the last day before my birthday month!!!}

Had fun playing in the fall leaves this weekend

And watching GA Tech beat Clemson!!!!! GO JACKETS!

I didn't cook this weekend, but I have big plans for a yummy pumpkin pie this week! Last night I discovered just what "soup can do" and made a dinner that took me no more than 90 seconds. Love that! {Uncle Ben's 90 second ready rice + can of Campbell's chunky beef and veggie stew}

Have a Happy Halloween!!!
:) amc

Friday, October 28, 2011

spray paint & bows

I finally used a wreath to decorate! I swear I have almost 10 different wreaths that I want to copy pinned in my pinterest boards and about half of those have made appearances on my blog as craft goals. Finally. Finally. Finally. I gave it a try! 

All of the pinterest inspiration was almost too overwhelming. So instead of copying one of the pinned projects, I pulled my favorite 3 or 5 wreath ideas together and developed my own. 


My wreath decor! Sitting pretty over the fireplace mantle. 

 I really like it! 

The Materials & How-To:
plastic poster frame $10
grape vine wreath $3.50
glossy gray spray paint $3
natural looking wire ribbon $1.50
wodden "c" $1
XL men's button down $9 {no time for a cloth store}
metal hook $3

First I spray painted the frame & wooden letter with two coats of the glossy gray spray paint. Then I cut my "fabric" to fit the frame and glued the edges in. Put it all together. Hung up the frame and hook. Tied a bow on it and called it a day.
I really wanted to paint the wreath white, but it turns out that I own cream spray paint...not white. Eventually, I will make the change I think. 

I really like how it turned out! Our rug is gray, so the frame really pulls the room together. 

 The kitchen counter got the runner it was looking for too. And a happy jack-o-lantern!

Successful crafting/decorating night! 

Happy Friday!!!!!!
:) amc 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

stylist secrets

Ms. Emily Henderson is coming to AmericasMart in January and I am excited! She was the winner of Design Star {the one and only season that I watched, and yes, of course I was rooting for the blonde girl} and now has her own show on HGTV called "Secrets of a Stylist." 

Just to be clear, this is not necessarily a plug for AmericasMart. It is more of an "I'm excited that we hired this girl- you should watch her show" plug. :) 
{But if you have interest in AmericasMart as well- check out our new website that launched moments ago!} 

Cute! Right? She is probably right- she probably does have the best job ever as an interior designer and tv show host! Hopes & Dreams! 

Bonus points- her work is great! Love the feel of this room and the colors. Plus, I like to think that I could totally create something similar! 

Everyone loves a well styled bookcase. Minus the birds....and with the addition of like 192,345 more books. :) 

She also gets major props {i.e. amc jealousy points} for being friends with my man David! Total cutie

Love all of the white and that she mixed gold accents with silver accents. 

Her blog is super cute and I love that in addition to interiors- she also chats about great gifts and apparel! The complete AMC package :) 

Die for the rug. Die for the chest. Die for the wallpaper. Die for the frame gallery.

I love talented people! Especially when they are blonde :) 
Can't wait to meet her! 

off to craft
:) amc

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

coveting closets

My parents wouldn't approve, but some celebrities just offer style-spiration! I like to assume that they have professional stylists that help them look their best, and even if they don't, they must have access to the best apparel and accessories right at their fingertips. 

For the rest of us...we can only covet their closets and attempt to accessorize the way they do. 

Celeb style-spiration for fall:
Rachel Bilson. So easy, effortless and precious

The ultimate fall outfit: long cardi, brown boots, leggings, tshirt and scarf. We have all been there before, and we will all continue to rock this as often as possible. {no back to back days please}

Chic Sister! Miss Ashley Olsen looking polished in a beautiful skirt and easy white top. 

And so easily, she can bring it back downtown. Love the stiped tunic and black boots. Black boots are hard for me to wear- but this is inspirational. Thanks Ash

She does it again. Making the black boot look beautiful. Bonus points for the leather jacket! Watch out if I try this one out- I will bring the attitude with it :) 

Yeah Yeah Yeah, we have seen this hair look 134,894 times. But I still like it. And I really like her pink lip! 

Another hair look I love. Her curls are perfection. The snarl on her face...not so much. 

Recreating asap! Bilson is way too cute and I am dying for leather jackets & yelllow accessories this season! 

Stripes + Blazer + Long Skirt. Great look!

Its clear, I know who my fashion girls are for this season! With pics of Ashley, Rachel and Lauren- I SHOULD be looking Fashionable & Fall all season long! 

:) amc

instant patience

I shared a lot of secrets last week... so this week I am just reminding you of what you already know about me. Yesterday, you were reminded that I love fall. Today, you will be reminded that I have an obsession with instant gratification and that me and patience tend to not get along. 

Exhibit A: Last night, a hot 8 hours after posting about my deep need to decorate the apartment for fall, I ended up at Pottery Barn WalMart {augh} and stocked up on decorating supplies! 

This little table is my favorite piece that I own. It was one of the first things that I bought at the Mart and Mom & I bought it together. You can't tell from this pic but below those two drawers are 3 shelves for wine bottles. This table is the perfect size and color for my home and it now has been deemed the "holiday" table. At the turn of seasons and introduction of holiday's, I vow to this table that I will decorate it accordingly. 
I do. 

Last night at PB WM, Josh was introduced to the hurricane vase. Two hours and 1 traffic ticket later, my kitchen counter was then introduced to the hurricane vase. 

This was clearly thrown together and desperately needs a table runner under it. But hey, in the spirit of instant gratification and decorating at 11 p.m.- this ma'am, is what you get. And I don't hate it one bit. 

Come Winter {which begins no sooner than Nov 16th} those pine cones will surely be dressed  in gold and silver glitter. They are excited. 

Well, not everything can be done in one night {enter "Rome wasn't built in a day" quote} so tonight I plan to continue the fall crafting festivities and boy, oh, boy do I have a fantastic idea ready!!! Can't wait to share! Considered calling in sick so I could craft. JK...

:) amc