Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy distractions & motivations

It's beginning to look a lot like Market! So it is time for a happy and distracting blog post:

This week the above applies to me in the form of running & customer service at Market
We can always do a bit better! :)
It has recently occurred to me that I finally get to stock up on some amazing monogrammed accessories and home decor!!! YAYYY!!! Everything is sweeter with a letter on it! 

Still on my lean & clean lifestyle "diet"! I imagine it will very difficult to eat this way during market with all of the hustle and bustle- so {time permitting} I hope to make and pack some good snacks!
{The Gracious Pantry & Clean Eating Chelsey have tons of great clean eating recipes} 

If this Kate Spade beauty doesn't scream AMANDA MACY, then I don't know what does! Brown + Camel, thick stripes, shoulder tote...I mean seriously... Who would like to gift this to me? :) 

I've also decided that I need a cute gym bag. How cute is this one! My friend, Sallie, has one and I am uber jealous

Andddd here are two more things that I am uber jealous of. 
"Amanda: Run! Run! Run! Weights! Weights! Weighs!"
+ I LOOOOVE their bathing suits! Motivation makes me happy! :) 
{Victoria's Secret...duh}

Can it please be Spring so that it is acceptable to dress like this again? So very cute. Love you J. Crew. Love ya lots. 

Cheers to Market & a super rando blog post
:) amc

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