Friday, May 18, 2012

currently questioning...

I need these, right? 
Happy Friday! We are soooo close to the WEEKEND! I hope everyone is excited for their plans or lack-there-of. 

Wouldn't this just  be the most put-together precious outfit?! 
Coral is my jam. 

This week I finally tried my first ZICO coconut water! It tastes soo much better than their competitors! How do they do that?! The sad thing is I have a hard time finding them at my grocery stores. I am considering an online order, has anyone done that with ZICO before?

Don't you love all of the bright and bold colors that are in season right now? 

The triple tea threat is going on NOW!
I'm a professional tea mixologist. 
Really, I just need a mega dose of hydration that tastes yummy. 

stay hydrated friends
:) amc

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  1. I have a coral skirt just like that :) It's my fav go to in my closet these days. I think every girl should own one!!! Love reading your blog!!!


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