Tuesday, January 15, 2013

project plans: kitchen island & coffee/bar cart

At all times Josh and I {mostly me...} have a DIY to-do list running in our minds. Thankfully for me, Josh has really taken to doing projects, mostly becuase they involve tools and trips to HD and Lowes. And I am sure because he just loves the quality time with me :) 

We are moving soon and our kitchen will be slightly bigger- here are two projects I hope to tackle post-move:

{Project One}: IKEA Kitchen Island Hack

Hoping to have space for the Ikea Forhoja - There are endless beautifying possibilities and a relatively easy price tag 

I love the drawer upcycle that the couple from Hunted Interior did- hope to do it ourselves!

Plus we want to add a butcher-block-look stain to the top, a coat of white paint to the rest of it, some baskets on the shelves and a towel rack on the side...then the Hall's will have made it their own! 

{Project Two} also takes place in the kitchen. {But it is more of a purchase than a project...}

Thanks to wonderful friends and family we are owners of tons of beautiful white coffee mugs and a brilliant Keurig coffee machine. I love the idea of creating a little coffee/tea corner like this one:

I am beside myself obsessed with this wall shelf from Hobby Lobby {same one used as the picture above}. Mom and I actually saw it on Black Friday and loooooved it and I honestly haven't stopped thinking about it since. When I saw it on Pinterest today {in the picture above}, I about jumped out of my seat. Major want!

P.S....Is it acceptable to store both coffee/tea items AND bar items on the same cart? 

P.P.S. If checked yes....could {Project One} and {Project Two} be combined into ONE AWESOME PROJECT?! The libation station?! 

bar cart/kitchen island wheels are turning
:) amch


  1. I've been looking at tea carts/coffee bar ideas for months now! Your inspiration pics may just push me in the right direction! Why am I just now finding your blog? I love it!



    1. Hey Lindsey! Thanks for the comment- so glad you found my blog. :) I hope to post more this year. Best of luck with your bar/coffee cart- you must post pics!!! I will if I do it!
      :) amch


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