Friday, February 22, 2013

{diy} Sea Urchin Starburst

There is something about little gold sea urchin accents that I just adore. So dainty yet statement making. Plus they are in gold and I just can't get enough of that. 
Inspired by the sea urchin trend and the sunburst mirrors, I merged the two ideas and got a little crafty. 

Sea Urchin Sunburst Wall Art
I made three different sizes to be grouped together as wall art, I love how they stand out on our dark grey walls. 

Check out the 'How-To' after the jump

Sea Urchin/Starburst Wall Art DIY How-To:
Materials: 1 Package of Bamboo Skewers, Gold Spray Paint, Hot Glue Gun, Circle Mirror Set from Target
{the other materials are for another project...posting one day!}

I used the 3 smallest mirrors in the package- they are 3 inches in diameter. If you can, use the exact same Target mirror set as I did- it comes with great wall hanging hardware already built in! The set also comes with some cardboard circles that you'll use later on in the project. 

Using wire cutters {not scissors! ouch...} trim your bamboo skewers. 

Each mirror will use 48 skewers at three different lengths. 
Large Mirror: 16 skewers at 7.5" | 16 at 7" | 16 at a length of 6.5"
Medium Mirror: 16 at 5.5"  |  16 at 5"  |  16 at 4.5"
Small Mirror: 16 at 5"  |  16 at 4.5"  |  16 at 4"

Using a Sharpie mark the back of your mirror into equal sections as a guideline.

Glue all 16 of your longest skewers to the back of your mirror, equal distance from each other {as best as you can}.

There is no better way for me to explain the next step than the above picture. This is the pattern that I followed, each long skewer was followed on both sides by 2 small skewers OR 2 medium skewers. See that wasn't easy to understand. Let's try this image...

If it helps the whole time I would think "small, small, medium, medium, small, small, medium, medium"- you are inclining then declining...growing then shrinking...I am making it worse.
There is a reason I am not a teacher. 

The back looks like this, note the spacing. 

All pretty and ready for paint

Aren't they just precious

Before spray painting, protect the face of the mirror with the cardboard circles from the package and a line of painters tape. 

It's best to set them up on paint cans so you can easily coat each skewer with paint, plus they dry better.

Ta da!

I love these little guys. They are a wonderful set of shiny gold style. Plus they were a cinch to make and crazy low on cost. 

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