Monday, April 15, 2013

a peek at our patio!

oh hello there little blog of mine. how i have missed you! 
Well spring has sprung and it brought with it new commitments, celebrations and time-suckers. Hashtag I'm Not Complaining! :)

{back to our regularly 'scheduled' programming}

I've gathered inspiration and we've begun purchasing...our patio is beginning to come together! Although it's not ready for a full reveal {will it ever be? stop. raining. atlanta} here are some little peeks! 

my mr. amazing husband hung our cafe lights- a little piece of paris now lives on our patio. 

this happy green pattern adorns our seating and as a bonus, it makes for a cheerful backdrop to a glass of celebratory champagne. 

my job has led me to appreciate floor coverings- even if they are sewn together by own two hands. 

here's to hoping this weekend is full of free time and sunshine!

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  1. Can't wait for your big revelation, no doubt its beautiful I can see it through your shown work.


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