Thursday, August 4, 2011

the christening of the cast iron

Remember how Mom gave me a beautiful Lodge cast iron skillet last Sunday? Well I could NOT wait to use it!!! I didn't have any time to go to the grocery store and no time to thoughtfully dig for a recipe. Thankfully, a quick google search led me to my favorite The Pioneer Woman. And let me tell you, she sure came through for me! 

I took my Lodge pan's virginity with this yumminess: 
Baked lemon pasta with grilled chicken {yes, i said chicken...}

oh the yumminess! this pasta was fantastic and my new cookware was very good to me. i was so happy to christen the pan with tons of butter and garlic and lemon. three things that absolutely make my world go round. i cooked everything low and slow and with love. 

and my little Lodge paid me back with a deliciousness one pan meal! 

here is the recipe and what TPW's finished meal looked like :
obviously my photography and food staging skills need improvement... whatever. 

i am very excited to keep cooking with this sweet baby, but i still need recipe/idea help! 
please comment with some ideas 

:) amc 

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