Sunday, November 6, 2011

lake livin'

As soon as we could on Friday, Josh & I skipped down to Lake Jackson to meet the rest of the Cheek Family at the Lake House Cottage Cheek. We were so excited to spend a nice relaxing weekend eating yummy food, looking over the lake and sitting by the fire. And that is just what we did! 

Mom made homemade sticky buns :)

After successful trips to the AmericasMart sample sale, Scott's, Country Living Fair and Home Goods- Mom has added a lot of decor to the house. It looks so good! Pictures just don't do it justice

 Amazing chairs for the dining room table

 This great canister from here, looks so great in the sun porch filled with bright hydrangeas

Mercury candlesticks- a find from last weeks sample sale at work

Beautiful weather!
We attempted some family pics for the original owners of the home
We are the Cheek family...not the double chin family....

 That's better!
 Who wants to take my little brother clothes shopping? And better yet- teach him to actually wear the clothes?! College boys... :)

We bundled up and took some rides on the new boat!

 The weather turned out to be beautiful and we didn't need these Mt Everest layers after all

 Tiller event went wake boarding

Me & Daddy :)

 I can get used to this boat thing! 

Looks like Mom already is!

And Maser too!

Spent the rest of the evening snacking on homemade pumpkin cupcakes

 Sitting by an outdoor fire and then a fireplace

We also had a burial ceremony for some yard gnomes. rip... 

The lake wears Mr Mason out! So cute!!

I love the lake! Makes Monday's even more difficult than before.... :)
Can't wait to have friends down to visit! 
:) amc

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  1. hey now, I had a wetsuit on under those clothes. why would I dress nicely just to take it all off in 5 minutes?!


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