Wednesday, May 16, 2012

oh DIY

Because yes, yes, you CAN do this. 

We all have that Ikea dresser. That boooooring Ikea dresser. Mine has traveled with me for over 5 years and I am finally ready for it to become garbage graduate to something glamorous. Shiny new hardware makes even the boringest of boring stand on it's own. 

Do you have wall art ADD? Are you constantly printing out inspiration images and tearing pretty pictures from magazines? Let's make some boards to show off your clipping style! I love the two pictured above, they hold their own, but look lovely layered with your personal style. 

My collection of books is overwhelming. I will keep them standing strong and showing off with great brick bookends covered in the fabric of my choice. 

We have two sad stools with no home or style. But I know if they were dressed up, they would be privy to a hot spot in the house. So what to do? Hmm... :)

This DIY is just a {Hopes &} dream right now. I am dying to get my hands on two hot chairs that I can give the JAMM fam custom design treatment to.
I hear there is a guy named Craig with a list...

Lampshades get an instant upgrade with a rim of gold ribbon. 

Raise your hand if you are thinking "oh duhhh what a great idea!"
My hand is high. The wonders of a 2x4! 

"oh I can totally do that myself"
:) amc

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  1. I love the Damask Stool! Super cute. I am going to have to try that myself.


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