Thursday, June 23, 2011

big news in amanda macy history

I have big news! Last night I tried a....
& it was sooo yummy! but it was hardly a typical sandwhich. it was brie and bacon {2 of my TOP loves in this world} on cranberry walnut bread, panini style. all warm and crunchy and buttery and yummy. 

what makes this "day in amanda history" even more historical is by ordering a sandwhich it means i passed this up:
a beach hot dog food truck!!!! what?! so not an amanda thing to do!

but the powers of love swayed me into sandwich world...
Seaside has a line of about 6 or 7 food trucks. They are all those shiny silver bullet looking ones and they smell fannnnntastic. this is the one that the historic sandwich came from:
check out that menu! delicious combinations smothered between two slices of bread. who wouldve known?! 
so we took our food truck sandwich masterpieces to the amphitheater and ate while watching a live band. music was good- i didnt know any of the songs, which made it hard for me to sing along to...booo, but josh did. hippie boyfriend. 
here are the sandwiches:
Tiller and dad both got this one- its the man's sandwich. meatloaf melt with ham and lots of swiss cheese.

Mom was realllly excited about her sandwich and plans to replicate it when she gets home.

 mine! so yummy! like my favorite appetizer with a bacon bonus smooshed between sweet carbs covered in butter. i'm fat & happy. :) haha
we spent the rest of the night jamming to hippie music, watching Hopes & Dreams families and playing card games. 
:) amc

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