Monday, September 12, 2011

sports are for fashion statements

Me and sports go way back and we have a great relationship.

Actually, I am terrible at all sports and I know nothing about any games or players or anything. ESPN is one of the most hated channels on my cable list and I listen to games on the radio for the sole purpose of helping me fall asleep. 

I know, I am a southern girl and I should live for football. Well how about this, I live for football in the sense that I like to hang out in the stands on beautiful fall days, I love stadium hot dogs, I love good beer at a fun tailgate, I love watching the cute boy sports players and I love color coordinated outfits.

gold scarf for tech football game last fall

red and black {sorry dad} for a falcons game last winter

red and blue for a braves game last summer

In the spirit of my love for sports, here are some great gold & navy {go jackets!} apparel and accessories for the fall 2011 ga tech football games: 

 this post all began when i discovered these precious sandals in gameday colors! i want them so bad! 

great easy dress {and school spirited!} for those fall games

i love this necklace! uses both colors and instantly makes any outfit two steps chicer 

a more casual dress. easy to throw on and be ready quickly!

must be prepared with an easy & cozy sweater layer when the suns sets 

i love these bracelets! they would look just lovely layered together with some other solid gold ones

must have a warm scarf on hand ! additional points if they are in the teams colors! me- i like these birds :) that is kind of like a yellow jacket...right?

and if i am really feeling spirited- i need these gold pants! LOVE this outfit!

go team! :) amc 

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