Tuesday, March 12, 2013

fur ottoman + pillow / DIY how to

Out of 2 IKEA faux sheepskins come 4 new fuzzy home accents!
{all for less than $40}

I like how these pieces offer up a bit of sass and glamour, they are both {faux} luxurious and fun! 
{ottoman: sally wheat interiors  |  pillow: west elm}

See the How To for both projects after the jump! 

Just one $10 faux sheepskin makes a pillow cover and an ottoman cushion. Cut the sheepskin into 2 pieces following the line above. 

{faux fur ottoman how to}

1. Create a surface that loves staples and fur
Since you can't staple the fur directly onto the plastic stool top, you will need to add a layer to the stool top that can handle staples. While wood is probably a more solid option...I chose cardboard because I had it laying around. Trace the outline of the plastic stool on to your cardboard/wood and cut out. 

2. Adhere your cut-out to the stool top. 
There are 4 plastic pieces on the underside of the stool top that hold the metal legs on. Those little guys still need to function so you will need to make holes in your cardboard/wood piece that they can poke through. No need for any glue...we will be using screws later that hold this guy together just fine. 

3. Create your foam layer
I used 1 inch foam that I had laying around, cut into a circle and use spray adhesive to make it stick to the top of your plastic stool top. 
You still following? Directions aren't my thing...I need to work on that. 

4. Add the fur!
Just as you would with any other upholstery project, staple gun the hell out of the fabric/fur to the cardboard/wood piece. The shaggy fur hides imperfections so you can be as sloppy and staple-happy as you would like. Be sure to trim the fur so that your four plastic pieces are still usable. 

5. Build the ottoman
Put that stool together just like those cooky Ikea drawing instructions tell you to. 
Now you have a fancy fur ottoman {stool no more} that looks just darling in any room! 

Our pair is sitting pretty at the foot of our bed. 
{Miley our super moody sweet lovable cat likes to perch atop them, but they also come in handy when putting on shoes or storing throw pillows while we sleep}

To make the pillow please see my Mom. 

Just kidding....? The pillow covers are made by sewing a 20x20 scrap piece of fabric {I used drop cloth} to your 20x20 {approx} faux fur piece. Sewing terrifies me. The machine is mean to me. I am impatient. But Mom talked me through this one and in no time 3 lines of stitches became a pillow cover. I did it!

The Damage:
2 20x20 Pillow Forms $2/each
Total for all 4 pieces: $36
That's less than $10 per product! 
I'm not so sure you can beat that price at any retailer. 

I hope you liked this 'tutorial' and try your hand at your own faux furbulous projects. 
{yeah, I said that}

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