Friday, October 7, 2011

chic to chic

I have been a long time fan of white washed walls and furniture, taupe home accents, crisp white bedding, blankets and throws and rustic, simple and natural furniture. My future home (Hopes & Dreams) promises to be a white wonderland. 

Of course, I can't live without some pops of color

Rustic Elegance

Clean and Beautiful- but lived in and useful

Great pieces, so many different styles. But works! 

Our newest event team member, Jennifer, and I thought that we shared this design aesthetic. However, I should have listed more closely when she said "shabby chic everywhere!!! I love pink!!! I love chandeliers!!!"

Her precious pink Shabby Chic home:

Her home is the epitome of a pretty, pink,  girly, pink, vintage, pink, floral, pink palace! So Jennifer and so beautiful! 

Some of the girls! 

Enjoy your weekend! I am off to a wedding for one of my very best friends from High School! 

:) amc 

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  1. Justin told me we weren't allowed buy/paint any more white! It's my favorite though:)


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