Thursday, May 10, 2012

an instagram shopping trip

Who doesn't love a stroll through Anthropologie? The product selection and merchandising simply does not get better. What I would do to be on their marketing team!!! :) 

Mom is lusting after a bottle tree and it's easy to see why. What a statement they make! 

Lately I have this thing for the letter H. I wonder why....5 months to go! Yay!

Its practically illegal to go to the mall and not stop in JCrew. No purchases necessary because I already own all of the elements to both of these outfits- can't wait to remake them myself! 

The real reason we went shopping was to update our sneaks collection. Josh needed to trade in his trail running shoes for something made for SPEED! Since I have been spending the majority of my time lifting weights and doing toning routines; I wanted a lightweight shoe for support. 
Which color do you like? 
{what am I doing in world's smallest shorts?!?!}

I went with a snazzy pair of Nike Free Training 5.0
Instantly in love! 

shop till you drop 
:) amc

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