Friday, July 27, 2012

i made it myself: chevron rug

After seeing graphic print rugs all over for the past couple of months, I was dying to have my own. However, I wasn't dying to shell out $300 for it {hello! that could be a Tory bag!} I made it myself! 

the finished project! 
{actually it is due for some touch ups....but other projects have since taken precedence. I have no crafty patience}

The start to finish: 
That wasn't too helpful...

Try this sequence: 

First we made a template out of a cardboard box. This was very tricky! The chevron is 6" thick and about 20" long on each side. Josh...correct me if I am wrong there. 

Then we dove into the blue tape process. Whew it was a process!

Now to the COLOR! We chose a medium shade of grey to compliment our "industrial chic" style living room. We bought the smallest can of latex paint available and used about half of it {which means I have been finding ways to use the rest of it! pics coming soon}

You really have to slop that paint on there and dig it into all of the little spaces. 

It took about 60 minutes to paint the whole thing. My shoulders hurt. My arms were tired. 

The little mistakes didn't bother me. I was proud of my work and ready to call it "complete!"

And that's what I did. The tables and baskets {and mason....} are back on the rug. 

And we think it looks splendid!!! 

A rug well done. 
:) amc

if you want actual instructions on how to do it yourself- let me know! 


  1. This is awesome! Would love to make one for my condo. What kind of rug/where did you get it?

    1. Hello!
      I used the IKEA Erslev rug {$39} and had great results!

      Best of luck- would love to see a picture of your finished product!

      :) Amanda


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