Thursday, January 17, 2013

Recipe Review: Pioneer Woman Chicken Fried Steak

This was the best part of dinner. 

Disappointment is not a feeling anyone wants to experience. Especially when it directly relates to the dinner you have cooked. 

But Tuesday night...after a long week of market...with a hopeful heart and hungry stomach...Josh and I experienced dinner disappointment. 

{Recipe Review: Pioneer Woman Chicken Fried Steak}

Disclaimer: I looooove lurve love Pioneer Woman, that Ree Drummond makes my hungry heart sing. But today I must bring you...honesty. Because I love you. 

Pioneer Woman's picture.

My picture. 

{sad face}

Maybe things went wrong with my flour mixture...or my egg/milk mixture...

or here...

or here....

or with the gravy {yes, most definitely with the gravy.}

By the time the Chicken Fried Steak got to our plates, it was low on taste and far from tender. We globed on the gravy {I think you could call it that}, piled on the mashed potatoes and ate it anyways. Its what newlyweds do.

Josh blames a boring cut of meat, I blame a lack of seasoning {there ya go PW, you're off the hook}. If you want to give it try check out the full recipe on May you have much better luck than I!

Chicken Fried Honesty

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