Friday, February 1, 2013

Hallin' It

The Hall's are hallin' it to a house this weekend! ;)

We loved our apartment but were ready for a change of scenery. Plus Mr M {and Josh} will enjoy the green space and none of us will miss taking 3 flights of stairs to our front door. 

Since the house is a rental we won't be able to get our hands too dirty with projects, but don't you worry- we already have plenty of DIY's in mind that are 'renter friendly'!

Wish us luck {& get excited to see new projects! Eee!}


  1. Congrats!! Will you two still be in Buckhead?

  2. We have very similar home decor styles! I actually look to you for inspiration while decorating my home and I know your home is going to look amazing in no time. Congratulations!


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