Thursday, February 14, 2013

our wedding

I am so overcome with happiness and delight as I create this post. Our October 5, 2012 wedding was the most beautiful and joyful day that I have ever experienced. On this valentine's day it is ever so fitting to share with you some of my favorite photographs from that day that was so full of love. 

Thank you to everyone {especially my incredible parents} that helped make this the most beautiful and precious day of our lives.

wedding location Summerour Studio
catering by Soiree
florals by Alvin Moore
bridal jewelry by John Wind and Kate Spade New York 
hair by Drybar Atlanta

happy valentines day
tell someone how much you love them

*please ask my permission before using any photos
if you have any questions about sourcing, do not hesitate to ask! 


  1. First, I wanted to point out that the top of your post says your wedding was 10.5.2013... I was like, "she's imagining her wedding in the future!" Haha just kidding =]
    Everything about your wedding looked beautiful and I LOVED your dress! Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet words- we just loved our wedding and marriage is awesome :)
      Haha so glad you pointed out my date error, I have fixed it!

      Thank you!


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