Friday, March 22, 2013

love between 2 slices

Are we Instagram friends? {we should be! @amandamacyhall} 
 If we are, you have noticed that Josh and I recently acquired a love for paninis.

As a former sandwich-loather this has been a big step for my brain and my belly. Not sure when or really even why...but I have been stiff-arming deli meat smushed between sliced bread for some time. Turns out, that habit really puts a hindrance on husband-made-meals. What is it about guys and their love for a sammy?! 

Recently, we were strolling through Macy's in search of a wedding gift for any number of our friends and we spotted a lovely little pan & press panini maker. Josh was into it and I was very into the thought of being served dinner :) 

Since then a week doesn't go by that a delicious combination of meats, veggies and spreads smushed between sliced bread hits the dinner table {or bed or know}. 

Combinations we love:
Fig Jam Spread + Bacon + Cream Cheese
Fried Egg + Prosciutto + Fruit Jelly
White Cheddar + Jalapenos + Bacon 
Avocado + Prosciutto +  Goat Cheese
Provolone + Spinach + Bacon + Roasted Red Peppers
{all with deliciously healthy Ezekiel bread}

Yes, you probably noticed that so far the only 'sandwich meat' I have tried is prosciutto or bacon...
What panini recipes do YOU love? Try me, I am feeling adventurous! :)


  1. One to try is avocado, basil, tomato and fresh mozzarella. It is so good! I love veggie paninis so I am going to look into this panini maker. :)

    1. Hi Karina! Thanks for the recipe- can't wait to try it!
      :) amch


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