Tuesday, December 6, 2011

all things glam

Last night while I was indulging my soul and rotting my brain-{watching Real Housewives of Bev Hills}- I swear I heard the word "glam" or "glammy" 12 times. Despise the word! Adore the style...

This is Amanda's take on glam:
{was third person that I just used? uhh}

Ultimate glamorous room- love the white, the Lucite details, rich hints of color, extravagant bed frame, sensual fabrics and textiles. This room is fit for a princess. 

 And the princess shall wear this outfit. I love a cute little white baby doll dress, adore long blonde hair with waves and die for that hot jacket

Can I please dance around in this at a party soon? 

And I would also like to cover my wrists in these happy bracelets. 
I swear I can DIY these....

It is so rare, but the other evening I had this major craving for chocolate cake. A quick trip to  Pinterest and I discovered how simple it is to make these cute little cups of chocolate cake! Some don't even need eggs! 
"baking" soon... glam!

A more chic princess would enjoy this glamorous room {can that be me? me??!!}. Love the prints, clean lines, drastic accent pieces, white and beige color scheme. 
Hopes & Dreaming...

I believe the princess for that room would don this glamorous outfit. Mostly because today I am wearing a leopard belt and a leather jacket- so I identify with her. And I will probably copy her outfit. {except in pants form....yikes that "skirt"!}

Glamorous is also found in the form of a decadent meal. This is actually venison, which I don't love, but I have some in the freezer...and I hope to recreate this meal soon. 
Game-y Glamour...?

For today, that is my version of glamorous. White color schemes, shiny metals, rich fabrics, leather, leopard, decadent meals, delicious chocolate, and tons of jewels. 

:) amc 

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